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Introduction To The Topic::

Introduction To The Topic:

What Is Telecommunication?:

What Is Telecommunication? Telecommunications means to communicate with the use of an electronic device. It is an exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means. The transmission of messages over long distances is an example of telecom.

Examples :

Examples The internet is the biggest example of telecommunication. On a smaller scale, examples include: Telephone Networks Police And Fire Communications Systems Radio Television


History On March 10, 1876, Graham Bell invented the telephone. Since the death of Alexander Graham Bell in 1922, the telecommunication industry has undergone an amazing revolution. From the telegraph to the telephone to e-mail, electronic communication has extended farther.

What are Telecom Companies? :

What are Telecom Companies? An organization that provides voice or data transmission services, such as PTCL. A company that specializes in making carrier-class hardware and software, such as Advance Telecom and United Mobile etc. are called a telecom company.

Importance of Telecom in Various Sectors :

Importance of Telecom in Various Sectors The telecom plays an important role in the following sectors Education Banking Business Hospitals Government sector

Telecommunication in Pakistan :

Telecommunication in Pakistan In 2011, Pakistan was the world’s third fastest growing telecommunication market. Pakistan's telecom infrastructure is improving dramatically with foreign and domestic investments into fixed-line and mobile networks.

Names of Telecom Companies in Pakistan :

Names of Telecom Companies in Pakistan PTCL Ufone Jazz Wateen Warid World call Zong WI tribe.

Practical Study Of ZONG:

Practical Study Of Z O N G

Introduction Of ZONG:

Introduction Of Z O N G Paktel was the first ever company granted license to carry out cellular phone services in Pakistan. China Mobile acquired Paktel in 7 April 2008 with the brand name of ZONG. ZONG is the first International brand of China Mobile launched in Pakistan.

Vision Statement "Making communication exciting” Mission Statement "To be the leading mobile operator of Pakistan by continuously innovating and offering exceptional quality services" :

V ision Statement "Making communication exciting” Mission Statement "To be the leading mobile operator of Pakistan by continuously innovating and offering exceptional quality services"

Primary Challenges Of ZONG:

Primary Challenges Of Z O N G

Challenge 1...Network Coverage :

Challenge 1... Network Coverage The first challenge faced by the zong is their network problem. People often complaint that they feel disturbance and busy network. The management is trying to overcome from this challenge by hiring best engineers and technicians but the result is not shown yet.

Challenge 2... Competitors :

Challenge 2... Competitors The competitors of zong are in very strong position. Zong started well in 2008 but after that, they lose their market control and facing many challenges from competitors. They are trying to overcome from this challenge by introducing new packages and low rates.

Challenge 3...Advertising :

Challenge 3... Advertising The improvement in advertising is also the main challenge for them. In the past zong, attract many customers with their excellent advertisements like 50 paisa, 3 paisa,1 paisa call rates. The other competitors like ufone is the main threat in the advertising. No step is taken from the zong management to overcome this challenge yet.

Challenge 4... Franchises :

Challenge 4... Franchises The increase in franchises is also the challenge for the zong management. The amounts of franchises in Pakistan are 272. In Sialkot, there are only two franchises, at kotli behram and at pasrur road. The management has decided to open 50 more new franchises at the end of 2013 all over the country. This can also attract the new customers.

Challenge 5...Electric Crisis :

Challenge 5... Electric Crisis The one of the major challenge is the electric crisis faced by the zong The load shedding is increasing day by day and due to this situation, the servers of the company get down which makes the network unavailable. The management of zong is trying to make huge investment for the backup of electric crisis.


STRENGTHS China mobile financial strength. Clear strategy to achieve market share. Long term vision for profitability. Lowest rates nationwide .


WEAKNESS Bad network coverage. Bad image of Paktel. Less franchises. Strong competitors. Bad advertisement.


OPPORTUNITY ZONG can expand globally and can develop its strategy in other countries. As Warid is going in loss and in the condition of liquidations it’s a big opportunity for Zong to acquire Warid telecom. Zong can introduce new products such as dish TV.


THREATS Strong competitors Price wars Economic situation Electric crisis Better packages by other competitors Perception of china “Cheap”


CONCLUSION From the report concluded that the zong is facing much challenges as compared to other telecom mobile companies. The main primary challenges are Network coverage and their strong competitors. They should improve their advertising and open more franchises along over the country. The management has taken some steps to overcome these challenges but they need some more time to recover from these challenges.


RECOMMENDATIONS They should need to improve their network coverage especially in border side of Pakistan. They should improve their advertisement. Need to open more franchises along over the Pakistan. Need to introduce low budget packages to attract more customers. They should take some huge steps for backup of electric crisis.

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