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BuhatAla is your one-stop online shopping in Pakistan bringing a reliable, bother free and advantageous, hassle-free shopping experience to your fingertips. Established on the slope of trust and genuine feelings of serenity, BuhatAla aims to give an unfailing and completely tention & stress free shopping store to the people of our beloved Pakistan. online shopping in Pakistan has seen a huge blast in the standard in the course of the most reacent couple of years. We have wide variety of brands along with cash on delivery and return facility. We also offers discount offers on the special occasions and normal days.


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Online Shopping store Online Shopping store Vs In Tradition shopping store


Introduction E - commerce  (electronic  commerce  or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business.

Benefits of e-commerce:

Benefits of e-commerce E-Commerce allows customer to buy online so its saves time and all headaches e.g. time, distance, traffic, selection, payment and products safety… Locates the product quicker. No time duration, 24/7 open. Payment made is easy – no need for cash – secure payment. Easy to compare price and quality. Less prices. Less Texas, No Crowd, Return Facility. 100% privacy.

Limitless & freedom:

Limitless & freedom Time: No particular time required you can buy anytime 24/7. Place: No particular place required you can buy from anywhere and from any device. Secure: You can pay through bank or Cash on delivery Return: Easy to claim return products. Price: Easy to compare price, No too much taxes Limit: Not bound to buy limited number of products.


ADVANTAGES OF ECOMMERCE Faster buying/selling procedure, as well as easy to find products. Buying/selling 24/7. More reach to customers, there is no theoretical geographic limitations. Low operational costs and better quality of services. No need of physical company set-ups. Easy to start and manage a business. Customers can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically.


DisADVANTAGES OF ECOMMERCE Any one, good or bad, can easily start a business. And there are many bad sites which eat up customers’ money. There is no guarantee of product quality. Mechanical failures can cause unpredictable effects on the total processes. As there is minimum chance of direct customer to company interactions, customer loyalty is always on a check. There are many hackers who look for opportunities, and thus an ecommerce site, service, payment gateways, all are always prone to attack.

Online Shopping Pros :

Online Shopping Pros You don’t have to commute, find parking, deal with big crowds or wait in long lines. In addition, you won’t waste any gas. The gas factor might feel particularly appealing right now due to skyrocketing fuel prices. You can ship gifts directly to your faraway friends or family, with many websites offering gift receipts and holiday wrapping. Many people prefer this over purchasing a gift at the store, taking a trip to the post office and spending top dollar to ship it from there. Something you can always count on in the online community is a diverse mass of very opinionated people and self-proclaimed experts. This can certainly feel unnecessary, but I always welcome it when in the market to buy something online. Search any product and you’re guaranteed to find thousands of reviews from past customers describing their experience with the company, shipping process and the product itself.

Online Shopping Cons :

Online Shopping Cons Online shoppers spend time typing their information and spend money to have their purchases shipped to their home in a timely fashion. However, they will eventually run into shipping issues during their Internet-shopping career, including: weather delays, technical mishaps, address confusion and lost packages. Consider the deadline you need your product by before ordering it online. Also consider how reputable the company you’re ordering from is, and how often they have these mishaps occur with their shipping services. Everything is available online now, but some things just do not make sense to purchase on the web. For example, if you’re in the market for new perfume or cologne, it makes a lot more sense to go to the store and smell the different options before purchasing your new scent. When purchasing a product online, try to decipher if the convenience is getting in the way of common sense.

In-Store Shopping pros :

In-Store Shopping pros When purchasing new clothing – especially from a new brand – it’s crucial to try things on. Everybody is different; some brands might not suit you, some may be sized differently than you’re used to and some might be made of materials you aren’t familiar with or don’t prefer. Shopping in-store will ensure you don’t end up with an unwanted itchy sweater. Occasionally, it’s nice to have a tangible explanation for what a product is like, e.g. holding the box, the manual or the item itself. If you’re not someone who reads “35.5 x 16.0 x 38.5” and can accurately imagine how your new lawnmower will look, this tip is for you. Chances are that in your lifetime you will receive or buy a thing or two you wish to return. Most stores are very clear and uniform with their return policies. It usually goes something like this: take your receipt and item(s) back to the store and receive full cash (or store credit) back. Online, returning items can be a long and drawn out process. They might only accept certain items to be returned, they might only refund you a portion of what you paid and many times they make you pay the expenses to ship the item back to them! Before shopping online, read the return policy of the site you’re browsing. If it doesn’t seem reasonable, go to the store!

In-Store Shopping cONS :

In-Store Shopping cONS Depending on your schedule, a store’s hours might prove to be very inconvenient. Some stores open late morning and close before the average person gets home from work. Luckily, the Internet never opens or closes. There are distance restrictions. Most people would stray away from the prospect of driving out of their city (let alone their state or country) to shop for a new pair of shoes. Essentially, you’re stuck with what’s provided in your area. If you’re someone who likes to be unique, or is especially picky, you might have better luck online than at your local department store.


Whether you want to buy a pair of jeans, toys for your kids, a sofa for your living room or a gift for your loved one, Buhat Ala is continuously updated to provide you with the latest products as per your need, and will help you find the perfect item. 0313-3310636

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