countable uncountable nouns

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how much how mnay some any


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There is /there are : 

There is /there are There are potatoes in the basket. There is milk in the box.

Some/Any : 

Some/Any There is some water in the glass. There are two bottles of water on the table. There is some sugar . There is some chocolate. There are three bars of chocolate. There is some meat in the kitchen.

There isn’t any coffe on the list. : 

There isn’t any coffe on the list. There aren’t three sprigs of parsley. There isn’t any watermelon in the fridge. There aren’t two packets of biscuits. There isn’t any coke with me. There aren’t any tomatoes.

How much/How many : 

How much/How many How many kilos of potatoes are there? There aren’t any potatoes here. There are 3 kilos of potatoes here. How much tea is there in the jar? There is some tea in the jar There isn’t any tea in the glass.

Some/any/how much/how many : 

Some/any/how much/how many There is some cake on the plate. There aren’t any packets of biscuits in the bag. There are some flowers on the table. There isn’t any bread at home. How many cans of cokes are there? How much coke is there?

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