This is the Story Behind the Birth of Homoeopathy

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Homoeopathy was developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Before he developed and introduced this system of gentle healing, the world of medicine was in a terrible condition.


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This is the Story Behind the Birth of Homoeopathy Homoeopathy was developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Before he developed and introduced this system of gentle healing the world of medicine was in a terrible condition. How did homoeopathy come into existence In the 16th and 17th centuries Europeans used to consume mummified corpses from the pyramids in Egypt believing that they have medicinal properties. In the 18th century the mainstream methods for curing diseases included bloodletting purging and complex solutions that were made using materials such as viper’s flesh and opium. Thus to combat all the horrors of these methods in medicine Hahnemann came up with homoeopathy treatment as an alternative treatment. So what is homoeopathy Homoeopathy is a safe natural and gentle system of healing that has no harmful side-effects on your body. It is being used as a natural form of medicine for more than 200 years. The fundamental principle on which homoeopathic remedies are based on is: like cures like.

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Hahnemann believed that diseases can be cured by using substances which caused the same type of symptoms in people. For example a substance causes some kind of illness when it is taken in large amounts. The same substance when taken in its diluted form can cure the illness. Homoeopathy: Origin of the word The word has its origin from Greek. The first half of the word: homœ means similar and the second half: pathy means suffering. Hence homoeopathy means medicine that heals you using substances that are similar to the suffering you are facing. Similarly Hahnemann also coined the word allopathy. Also in Greek means other. Allopathy means the medicine that attempts to cure diseases by acting against the symptoms. Homoeopathy as a Holistic Treatment Being a holistic treatment homoeopathy treats each person as a unique individual. Not only that it also takes into account the mind body and spirit of the person instead of focusing on just the symptoms. This helps heal the person not just physically but also emotionally. When you are ailing and sick you actually need that kind of mental and emotional support to get better. Hence homoeopathic medicines help cure illnesses completely. Homoeopathy is holistic because it takes into account all the various aspects of a person such as food habits sleep cycle previous ailments family history etc. It also doesn’t focus on just the symptoms or just the diseases but works to cure the person’s problem of the core. After using homoeopathic medicines the chances of getting the same disease again reduce. This is helpful in the long run and also helps build up the immunity for the future. The potency of Homoeopathic Medicines As per the discovery of Hahnemann homoeopathic remedies are extremely strong and should take only after they have been potentized correctly. Homoeopathic medicine is more effective when its active ingredient is diluted. This approach is known as the minimum dose approach of homoeopathy. In the approach the active ingredient is first taken and diluted or mixed with distilled water or alcohol. Thereafter it is taken and mixed with water and the solution is shaken vigorously. This goes on for a long time until the desired potency is achieved. The purpose of potency is to dilute the active ingredient so that is not able to do harm. It also invigorates the base substance with energy. This way the qualities of the substance are preserved while the substance itself is diluted.

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While counter-intuitive the potency is higher when the concentration of an active ingredient is lower. In other words less is more. Is Homoeopathy Better than Allopathy Allopathic medicines cause a lot of side-effects. Especially if you take antibiotics then your liver becomes adversely affected and suffers. Antibiotics actually kill the pathogens in us and sometimes also kill the antibodies produced by your bodies to fight those pathogens. This ends up compromising your immune system. Homoeopathy on the other hand work to strengthen your immune systems. The remedies are safe and have zero side-effects. They not only heal you but they also enable your body for fighting the same diseases in the future. Contact Details: Visit the website

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