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Definition of Suppository:

Definition of Suppository Solid or semi-solid dosage form Intended for insertion into body orifices ( Rectum, Vagina, Urethra ) They melt, soften or dissolve in the body orifices and exert local or systemic effect.

Types of Suppositories ( According to Route of administration ):

Types of Suppositories ( According to Route of administration ) Rectal Suppository Urethral Suppository Vaginal Suppository

Advantages of Suppositories :

Advantages of Suppositories Advantages Avoid first-pass metabolism

Disadvantages of Suppositories :

Disadvantages of Suppositories

Absorption of Drugs from Rectum:

Absorption of Drugs from Rectum

Proper Insertion of Suppository in Rectum:

Proper Insertion of Suppository in Rectum

PowerPoint Presentation:

IDEAL SUPPOSITORY BASE Melts at body temperature or dissolves in body fluids. Non-toxic and non-irritant. Compatible with any medicament. Releases any medicament readily. Easily moulded and removed from the mould. Stable to heating above the melting point. Easy to handle. Stable on storage. 7

Suppository Bases:

Suppository Bases Fatty Bases Fatty Bases Theobroma oil Synthetic Hard Fat Glycero-gelatine Macrogols Soap glycerin

Special Characteristics of Different Bases:

Special Characteristics of Different Bases Cocoa butter remains solid at room temperature but melts in the body. Synthetic hard fat has good water absorbing capacity due to presence of w/o emulsifying agent . Glycero -gelatin produce laxative effect. Polyethylene glycols are present in different physical state. (solid, semisolid, liquid )

Preparation of Suppository:

Preparation of Suppository Hand Molding Compression Molding Pour Molding Automatic Molding

Hand Molding:

Hand Molding

Compression Molding :

Compression Molding

Automatic Molding Machine :

Automatic Molding Machine

Lubricants for use with Suppository bases:

14 Lubricants for use with Suppository bases

Problems in Formulation of Suppositories:

Problems in Formulation of Suppositories

Packaging and storage:

Packaging and storage Polyethylene glycol suppositories stored at usual room temperature without the requirement of refrigeration.

Suppositories Available in Commercial Market:

Suppositories Available in Commercial Market

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