Gaming Industry is Considered as One of The Lucrative Industry in US

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slide 1: Gaming Industry is Considered as One of The Lucrative Industry in US Gaming Industry is considered as one of the lucrative industry in US and even India is not behind in sharing such lucrative pie of the Gaming Industry. An increasing economic growth in India and considerably altered demographic structure has offered immense opportunities to the gaming industry. India has now become a one-stop destination for the game development. Globally the growth of Gaming Industry is around 22 percent and India’s growth is valued at Rs. 10 billion. Indian game developers have a huge gaming market abroad along with the distributors and partners that attract significant turnover from international markets. Any game developing firm has to be vigilant about their production budget. Any game developing firm would always want to reduce the development time and cost of production and henceforth these firms look for Art outsourcing development. Here comes India into the picture since India offers the pool of talented and quality programmers. India has both the benefits an entire pool of talented

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developers as well as an attractive gaming market. Outsourcing from such game developers have proved to be one of the biggest opportunity for Indian developers. With its strong infrastructure and quality programmers India could become one of the leading players in the international gaming industry. But there lies many challenges for the Indian game developers too. Entering into the market which is already dominated by small players would be the biggest challenge. Moreover it is pre-requisite to understand the culture of the international market it is entering to. For success in this industry content also plays a significant role. Good content localization and distribution play an important role for Gaming Industry. If all the above mentioned factors are summed up i.e. talented developers with an attractive gaming industry and better content distribution could lead to the progress of an emerging Gaming industry in India.

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