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great powerpoint presentation. Very clear and motivating!!!

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HARMONY Freedom from conflicts Compatibility in opinion and action Agreement of opinions

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Dealing with Others criticizing judging blaming Saying something in a loving and kind way bullying

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TURTLE Passive and afraid to share his feelings and needs Always know that it is “SAFE” to talk. Be confident.

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JACKAL Someone who criticizes , blames and judges others Take time to calm down and think about what you will say.

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SKUNK Someone who yells, insults, threatens others, break things and shows tantrums Wait. Set a boundary. Talk when you are calm and ready.

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MOSQUITO Someone who attacks others when least expected; usually quiet but explodes later Be cool. Be patient. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

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GIRAFFE Someone who helps, makes peace, open-minded, and focuses on the heart Stay tuned in to your feelings. Pray and always think positively.

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What COLOR are you?

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RED Symbol of pride and strength Powerful emotion of passion, energy, blood and war Sporty color “BEWARE”

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ORANGE Symbol for fire, fun and warmth Fast brain activity Easy going, youthful

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YELLOW Brightest color to the human eye Represents youth, fun, happiness and sunshine Cheerful yet coward and scared

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GREEN Color of nature and health Symbol of growth, money, safety Relaxed but very innocent

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BLUE Cool and calming color Symbol of creativity and intelligence Represents loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust Very flexible and quiet

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PURPLE Symbol of royalty, nobility and prestige Mysterious, magical, powerful, rich Fun-loving and easy to be with Flashy and extravagant

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BLACK Sad, scary, death Elegant, classy Very powerful and flexible

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WHITE Pure, clean, fresh Sincere, almost heavenly Peaceful and quiet Good and positive

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Live in HARMONY With nature, With others, With the world, With GOD…

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Thank You! Ms. Charo Rivas Sekolah Ichthus Jakarta South November 2008

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