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Welcome to Home Loan Modification (HLM) LLC, your preferred destination for loan modification. HLM LLC takes pride in its business, ethics, values, and customer focus, resulting from over 20 years.


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Whatever the difficulty, we understand how it feels to choose between a mortgage payment and groceries. We understand what it's like to have continual phone calls from your lender ... calls at home, calls at work and letters in the mailbox

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You need to save your home but your lender is asking for too much money. You're not asking for them to forgive the loan but you need help creating a payment plan that you can handle. You just need someone on your side to negotiate with your lender to get you back on track that is where we come in.

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We have caring people who want to help you save your home and get you back to where you need to be. We want to help you get back in charge of your finances

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You’ve probably tried to talk to your lender but their phone operators have one answer, “Payment in full.” Or maybe you call them and they don’t call you back. There are options. We have good relationships with mortgage companies across America. If you truly can afford your home and are sincere about getting your finances back on track, we can negotiate a payback-plan that is acceptable to your lender and within your new budget. They’ll talk to us. They appreciate our thoroughness and sincerity.We’re trained to help you. It’s more than just a job…it’s our mission! We know the mortgage foreclosure process and steps that are available to save your home and stop the foreclosure. We correspond daily with mortgage company principals nationwide and have a solid reputation with them. As a third-party negotiator we have the ability to represent you to the lender in a professional manner. Let us give you the foreclosure help you need by negotiating on your behalf with your lender to save your home.

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We have many strategies to help you save your home. Our counselors will make a detailed financial portfolio of your current situation and devise a plan that will keep the mortgage company satisfied and yet give you the breathing room you need to enjoy your home. We need to know: Can you afford the home you’re living in? Do you have a good-faith payment you can put toward your delinquency to show your lender that you are serious about resolving this matter? If you answered “yes” to these two questions, you are well on your way to securing your home

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