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Team final product for PBL 2016/2017


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Choosing the next step in your education career:

Choosing the next step in your education career Be prepared, be ambitious, be successful. Advice from 2 nd year SERC Lisburn Access course students.

Accessing your future through the access course:

Accessing your future through the access course You have already taken the first step! Determination and commitment Overcoming fear

It will be easy …. won’t it??:

It will be easy …. w on’t it?? Make use of skills you already have:- Juggling family and work Being prepared to face the unknown Skills through employment Interpersonal skills


KEY SKILLS FOR SUCCESS Time management Prioritising Scheduling Preparation Teamwork Dealing with stress Attendance

You are not alone ….:

You are not alone …. Support:- Study groups Tutorial Learning Support SERC Extra

Be realistic ….:

Be realistic …. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail Give enough time for study Actively take notes in class Don’t leave tasks to the last minute Allow time for the unexpected You only get back what you put in

Easier said than done??:

Easier said than done?? Nothing worth doing is easy!! Be prepared to Work hard Make sacrifices Self-belief is key

Tackling the stress!:

Tackling the stress! Always make time for yourself Exercise Read a book Socialise Family time Ask for help Delegating childcare Extra time – assignment extensions

Where will your pathway take you?:

Where will your pathway take you? Higher Education University courses QUB Approved Course Further Education College run courses Foundation degree at SERC Solidifying career choices Sense of personal achievement

The Choice Is Yours!:

The Choice Is Yours!

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