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Dual Mode Mosquito Killer Lamp With Light Control Mode and USB Charge Feature Which Can Automatically Induce Light According To The Natural Light.


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Our environment plays a major role in keeping us healthy happy and safe. There are many diseases that occur through mosquito bites such as malaria dengue zika fever chikungunya japanese encephalitis. They spread viruses that make you sick or in some extreme cases cause death. To prevent mosquito bites we use mosquitoe repellents . some will hibernate in enclosed areas like garages sheds inside homes to survive cold temperatures. But have you ever used any Bug zapper to get rid of the mosquitoes If you haven’t then here’s the good news for all of you.

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 Zapout is a global brand of Audy Global Enterprises AGE an innovative global enterprises headquartered in BostonUSA  It’s a product development company that transforms ideas into designs manufactures the designed idea into a product and also markets the manufactured ideas across multiple selling channels around the world.  Zapout is a well-known brand for insects mosquitoes and flea control product range.

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Types of Zapout  ZAPOUT MOSQUITO ZAPPER EMERGENCY RECHARGEABLE LANTERN  Intelligent Indoor Mosquito Bug Trap Lamp  Indoor Insect and Mosquito Trap  Mosquito Whisper

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Our Zapout Mosquito Zapper Emergency RechargeableOur Zapout Mosquito Zapper Emergency Rechargeable Lantern It is an unique and practical combination of mosquitoes and insect control and portable lighting. It provides perfect lighting while you are traveling and is nontoxic user- friendly and also is designed to have efficient energy to kill the mosquitoes as well as light. It offers Great Camping Fishing and Outdoor Entertaining Boating Fishing BBQ/Parties and Power outages. This lantern uses bright ultraviolet LED’s to light up your place or other outdoor gathering places. All the mosquitoes drawn to the light are quickly zapped away. It is designed in such a way that it holds no chemicals and also gives a splendid life with proper maintenance. All you need is to switch on the light when you are out for Trekking Hiking or with your family and friends outside.

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• While mosquitoes get killed they get accumulated to the side of the lantern. • Its washable • It comes up with 3 Different Lantern Brightness Settings . • You can easily adjust them to your requirements. • It has a rechargeable 2000 Mah lithium battery. • The lantern has an LED Colour Cool White 6000-6500 K which is great for emergencies and power outages. • It can brighten a 300 Sqft room. • Its cost-effective and pocket-friendly. • Click here to know more about the Zapper Emergency Lantern its specifications and price in details.

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Intelligent Indoor Mosquito Bug Trap Lamp It saves energy safe to use easily chargeable and compact. It is designed in such a way that in the morning it activates its mosquito killer mode and turns off mosquito killer mode by just sensing the sunlight. This indoor bug zapper has an intelligent light control function. This indoor bug zapper works both as a mosquito killer and as a table lamp. It is a specifically designed product that controls the lightning and temperature of the place according to the exterior environmental condition. It has no harmful chemicals. It is completely compact and odour-free.

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• This has in-built ultra-quiet fan to reduce the noise and dehydrates mosquitoes to death. • Highly concentrated photo catalyst absorbs harmful gases and purifies the surrounding air. • This indoor bug zapper has high battery life that works for long hours. • Besides helping you out in giving you a pleasant night free of mosquitoes it has a beautiful shape with solid wooden leg frame silica gel lamp shade abs shell and photo control probe show giving it an elegant appearance. • Click here to know more about the trap lamp its specifications and price in details.

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Indoor Insect and Mosquito Trap • Its an eco-friendly electric bug zapper with UV technology which attracts mosquitoes into the trap and provides a bug-free zone. • It also has an amazing cooling system with an ultra-quiet fan. • It has UV Technology which attracts the mosquitoes and traps by advanced UV LEDs • It works without the use of harmful toxic chemicals. • Equipped with an Ultra-Quiet fan placed inside the trap to work endlessly that attracts all the bugs from the room and suffocates them in the holding chamber.

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• It provides a complete coverage to remove insect completely by its 360-degree suction • This acts as a night lamp and is safe for babies and kids. • Easy to use • Click here to know more about the mosquito trap and its specifications in details.

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Mosquito Whisper • This bug zapper air purifier is very helpful for allergic and asthmatic people since it purifies the air by removing contaminants. • It is a perfect device to protect you and your family’s health as it kills and sterilizes 99.9 of bacteria fungus germs and other microorganisms. • This has in-built a big fan UV light storage box and activated carbon. • The UV light sterilization removes bacteria from air along with their reproductive capacity. • The fan has the capacity for 360 degree all around suction.

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• This bug zapper has a photo-catalytic factor which adds freshness to rooms and keeps you stay healthy and fresh all day long. • This can be used at home office restaurant supermarket and other indoor • Well if you are too excited to get one such outdoor cum indoor bug zapper for your home then quickly click here to know more about the product its product specifications and price in details.

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Why wait for the time for the mosquitoes to bite us Why worry about mosquito infestation in the last minute Prepare before the mosquito season starts before the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The mosquito breeding starts as the weather gets warmer so its way better to start preparing from the cold season it with a Zapout. A Zapout Family is a Healthy and a Happy Family Happy Shopping Visit us at :

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