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Teaching methods for upper primary classes Presented by: Zahra Mehdi Virani

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Traditional Approach Out come of Traditional Teaching

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Teacher owns the knowledge. Student get knowledge from teacher. Start with focusing her own way…usually with text. Students learn to??? Lifelong learning??? Less usage of resources Teachers as facilitators Students & Teacher own knowledge Start usually with students, not driven by Text Book Development of various skills Students learn to learn Lifelong learning More usage of resources Teacher’s Centered Learner’s Centered

Evaluate the Prior Knowledge:

Evaluate the Prior Knowledge What kind of teaching strategies we often used in upper primary classes?

Average Retention Rate:

Average Retention Rate Effectiveness of Different Instructional Strategies Average Retention Rate after 24 Hours Source: Columbus Public School’s Urban Systemic Program Lecture 5% Reading 10% Audio-Visual 20% Demonstration 30% Discussion Group 50% Practice by Doing 75% Teach Others / Immediate Use of Learning 90%


GENERATIVE LEARNING A generative learning by definition is: a process where students and teachers must actively engage in their learning process. Since learning is not passive, students and teachers have to generate meanings as they integrate new ideas with previous knowledge. Students are participants in their own learning.

High Order Questions:

High Order Questions Open-ended questions promote critical thinking and lead to discussion Avoid yes-no questions. They lead nowhere and do not promote thinking nor discussion (always ask SO WHAT)? (who will allow critical thinking and high order discussion)?

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Promote reasoning (how would you like to see your society and how you would contribute to it)? Skill of interpretation Movie shows for Fatimids, Debates Project work (regarding AKDN) Use maps

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Write a diary Jigsaw ( for different personalities) Gallery presentations Look for advantages and disadvantages of -------------- make web

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Small scale research projects (interview, data collection, analysis, conclusion) Use Imam’s farameens (search by students) Story narration Encourage students for creative writing (Story, poem development and completion) Use different movie clippings Ek sham Adab key naam

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Bring different piece of literature Performing Art (drama, role play) Case Study (give different situations to analyze) Moral decision making (case) Celebrating knowledge sharing week (P5,B3.pg 4) parental involvement can be possible. First Aid training (care for peoples’ health)

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Go beyond the curriculum & Involve and Give maximum opportunities to students

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The Brain and its Function in Learning Left Brain Right Brain

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Red Yellow Blue Orange Black Purple White Pink Violet Black Orange Green Silver Navy Blue Brown

Different Learning Patterns :

Different Learning Patterns

Pedagogy and the intellectual outlooks:

Pedagogy and the intellectual outlooks Holistic Approach nurturing the whole child and not just one part (Physical, Intellectual, social, moral and religious) Resource Based Approach : Exposing children to a variety of learning materials and teaching aids such as posters, books, picture cards and games.

Pedagogy and the intellectual outlooks:

Pedagogy and the intellectual outlooks Experience Based Approach : Connecting the content with the interests and life experiences of the children; Interactive Based Approach : Promoting communication, co-operation and a sense of common purpose in the class Discovery Based Approach : Encouraging children to think, ask questions and search for answers

Holistic Development:

Holistic Development Development Intellectual Ethical Spiritual Physical Cultural Social

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Teaching Strategy + Content = Integration Activities… Ta’lim Daily life Understanding

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Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I understand.

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It is more important to enable the students to think for themselves then to merely fill their head with the right answers.

Reflection :

Reflection Debate Drama Song Problem solving Analysis Story composition & Telling Self-reflection---Travelogue

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