A Precious art of making prediction by Umang Taneja


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Learn how to predict major life events by Umang Taneja, Special course with live classes gives you more benefits than other. For more information about online astrology classes in Delhi visit http://nadi-astrology.com/


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Nadi Astrology By: Umang Taneja A Precious art of making prediction Mr. Umang Taneja , a great Astrologer who is giving a new vision to the mystical science, Nadi Astrology! www.nadi-astrology.com www.nadi-astrology.com

What is Nadi Astrology?:

What is Nadi Astrology? Nadi Astrology came into vision by going through in-depth knowledge of planets position. “ Nadi –Shashtra” a valuable gift for palm leaf readers. By analyzing the planetary positions, Sages used to predict someone’s future, past or about existing life. Each zodiac sign is sub-divided into signs with equal subdivisions 27 Nakshatras which further into unequal sub-lords. These sub-lords are stronger than Nakshatras which is stronger than planets in the same sequence. The whole predicted information scripted on a palm leaf about particular. These palm leaves still exist... a belief, on the basis of which palm reading is done nowadays!

Who is Umang Taneja?:

Who is Umang Taneja? A great human being, master in Nadi astrology, an honest teacher and a creative writer! “Mr Umang Taneja” one of the most renowned and accomplished Nadi Astrologer who constantly taking care of our horoscopes. Thousands of students and followers around the globe are learning the experience of this art by understanding the minutes of Nadi-Shashtra. He has provided number of workshops, conferences, consortiums and T.V programmes on Nadi Astrology. His predictions are so accurate and so number of students are following him by his online Nadi astrology classes .

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Benefits of Nadi Astrology Accurate Horoscopes readings Kundli Milan for marriages Resolve queries related to different events of life like health, child-birth, litigation career, travel and marriages etc. Unique and exclusive personalized readings based on your birth chart information. Get Vastu tips from Umang Taneja to get a healthy and prosperous future. Conflicts in horoscope may be like manglik dosh, pitra dosh, and gand mool, Sade-sati etc. all can be resolved practically by reading birth chart or kundali.

What we offer? :

What we offer? Best Customer service Online astrology books Online astrology classes Finer explanation of prediction results Free horoscope matching Kundali Milan Gem stones remedies Vedic cards reading Numerology Vastu solution


Thank You To more information visit: www.nadi-astrology.com

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