Corporate gift ideas for clients, customers & employees

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these slides are about corporate gifting and the list of best corporate gifts Dubai.


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Corporate gift ideas for clients, customers & employees:

Corporate gift ideas for clients, customers & employees


Corporate gifts are another form of advertising. They give you a way to stay in touch with customers, clients & employees. A simple gesture of thanks, an acknowledgment of patronage can turn one-time leads into lifetime customers. Corporate gifts create a good impression among the employees, clients, and customers along with recall value, bonding, and strong brand association. This makes corporate gifts important in business. Following is the list of some items which are best for corporate gifts.

Technology :

Tech gifts will always be the top in the priority list for corporate gifting as everyone knows the importance of tech in the world today. Tech gifts will be the most useful and memorable gifts as everyone uses it in their daily lives. So it will be a good promotion. Some of the best items you can add to your tech list are, power banks, USB flash drive, speakers, smart phones, computer accessories, smart watches, headphones, VR glass, car accessories, tools, lighters, torch lights, etc. One of the countries that prefer tech corporate gifts for their employees and customers the most are Dubai based companies. There are a lot of cheap and high quality personalized gifts dealers Dubai which will make your customized product according to your company’s needs and requirements. Technology

Eating & drinking items :

Food and beverage accessory items are some of the most gifted items. Most of the companies prefer this because they are not expensive and are used on a daily basis. These are the best items for branding and promotion. For example, drinking cups & mugs, travel mugs, tumblers, water bottles, wine & bar accessories, kitchen accessories and utensils are some of the items which you can include in this list as gift items. Eating & drinking items

Office stationaries :

Office stationaries are mostly gifted to employees and clients. These include items such as promotional pens, notebooks & notepads, calendars, metal laser pointer, clocks & picture frames, portfolios, folders, etc. Office stationaries

Bags & travel accessories :

These can be considered as the highest valued promotional gifts because your products will reach different places as your customers travel to different places. Laptop bags, travel bags, umbrellas, trolleys, suitcases, backpacks, document bags are some examples of suitable items for gifting. Bags & travel accessories

Apparel & accessories :

Logo printed customized T-shirts, hoodies, wallets, cardholders, caps, sunglasses, etc. are the most common among corporate and business gifts items. Many companies, organizations, colleges, universities and institutions choose these as their preferred promotional gifts. Apparel & accessories

Sports & outdoors :

Accessories for popular sports such as football and cricket among others are commonly presented as corporate gifts in Dubai & India. Similarly, other sport items which are famous in your region in particular can be included in the gifting list as well. You can also think about including bicycle accessories and other indoor sports utilities, for gymnastics in your list. Sports & outdoors

Premium, Wellness & Care :

Wellness and care items are very rarely used for gifting because it is very personal. There won't be many promotions for these types of gifts. Premium gifts are mainly given to clients. These primarily include expensive perfumes, body care products, etc. Other wellness and care accessories like first aid kits, stress balls, exercise items can also be included in this section of corporate gifts. Premium, Wellness & Care

Purpose of corporate gifts :

The main idea behind corporate gifting is to make clients, customers, and employees feel happy along with the promotion of the brand. It's better to present gifts during a certain festival or on a special day for someone at your workplace. For example, corporate gifts Dubai is mainly given during the National Day celebration and in other places mainly during Christmas, New Year’s, etc. So it's better to gift during festivals and celebrations. Also, gifts can be given for the customers’, clients’ or employees’ birthdays, anniversaries or their special day. A company can also give promotional gifts as giveaways to celebrate an achievement by the company for which everyone in the organization has contributed to. This is a very good way of promoting the company. The main point the company has to check is to gift top quality items. So it's better to give orders to well-established companies or else it will affect the reputation of your company. Most importantly, every gift should have the company logo or else the gifting will not be useful for the promotion of your brand. Purpose of corporate gifts

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