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be able to By Yusuf ARSLAN

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am able to is able to are able to

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I can swim. I am able to swim.

Slide 4: 

He can read. He is able to read.

Slide 5: 

She can touch her feet. She is able to touch her feet.

Slide 6: 

He can cook. He is able to cook.

Slide 7: 

We can write. We are able to write.

Slide 8: 

They can ride a bike. They are able to ride a bike.

Slide 9: 

Can he play ping pong? Is he able to play ping pong?

Slide 10: 

I can’t climb a tree. I am not able to climb a tree.

Slide 11: 

Can you sing? Are you able to sing?

Slide 12: 

can she count up to one hundred? 100 Is she able to count up to one hundred?

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