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Slide 1: 

I _________ my best friend while I was shopping in town. a. was seeing b. saw c. see d. sees saw

Slide 2: 

While he__________ a bath, the phone rang. a. had b. having c. were having d. was having was having

Slide 3: 

What ______________ when the lights suddenly went out ? a. they were doing b. are they doing c. were they doing d. was they doing were they doing

Slide 4: 

Somebody _______ her wallet while she was waiting at the bus stop. a. was stealing b. stole c. were stole d. stealed stole

Slide 5: 

I ____________TV,when he came in. a. were watching b. wathing c. was watching d. watched was watching

Slide 6: 

She _______ an accident while she was driving back home. a. was having b. were having c. had d. has had

Slide 7: 

When it began to rain, the children ___________ outside. a. was playing b. played c. were playing d. play were playing

Slide 8: 

Tom was flying a kite when I ________ him. a. saw b. was saw c. were seeing d. see saw

Slide 9: 

The boy fell down while he was _________ his bike. a. rides b. rode c. was riding d. riding riding

Slide 10: 

The house caught fire _________ they were watching TV. a. while b. but c. because d. when while

Slide 11: 

She was reading a story _______ they found her. a. while b. but c. because d. when when

Slide 12: 

He was playing basketball when the fire _________ . a. start b. was starting c. started d. starts started

Slide 13: 

I was eating olives when my tooth _____ . a. break b. was breaking c. breaked d. broke broke

Slide 14: 

While I was walking in the street, I _________ a wallet. a. find b. found c. founded d. was find found

Slide 15: 

When he saw the thief, he ____________ water in the kitchen. a. drank b. drink c. was drinking d. was drink was drinking

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