International migration

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Advantages and disadvantages of migration


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International migration :

International migration


Migration Is the movement of people across a specified boundary , national or international, to establish a new permanent place of residence.

Types of migrant:

Types of migrant Asylum seeker Refugee International migrant National migrant Illegal migrant

Asylum seeker:

Asylum seeker A person who has left their country of origin for fear of persecution . They have asked for permission to stay in another country and are waiting for a decision on this.


Refugee A person who has been force to leave their country of origin in fear of their lives. They run away often with no idea where they will end up and with no permission to stay in another country.

International migrant:

International migrant A person who moves to live and work in a different country for at least a year. If they move for better work they are called economic migrants.

National migrant:

National migrant A person who moves to live and work in another place within the same country.

Illegal migrant:

Illegal migrant A person who enters a country to live and work there without permission.

Island of Lampeduza:

Island of Lampeduza



Migration changes population distribution:

Migration changes population distribution Reasons 1. Voluntary migration * International migration * National migration * Illegal migration 2. Forced migration * Asylum seeker * refugee

Types of migration:

Types of migration Voluntary migration the individual has a free choice about whether to migrate or not Example: foreign workers Forced migration people are made to move against their will example: African slaves transport to America

Push and Pull factors of migration:

Push and Pull factors of migration Push factors are negative conditions at the point of origin which encourage or force people to move. Pull factors are positive conditions at the point of destination which encourage people to migrate Intervening obstacles problems on how difficult it is to migrate example: cost, passport/visa, physical problems

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