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Problems associated with urban growth:

Problems associated with urban growth Congestion in the CBD Very high land prices in the city centre Overcrowding Housing shortages Traffic congestion Unemployment Racial conflict Urban decay and dereliction Deprivation Pollution of air and water

Urban protest:

Urban protest Build more cheap houses More police on the streets we need better schools Clean up the streets Ban traffic in the city centre We need more jobs The air is unfit to breathe

Urban decay:

Urban decay Urban decay occurs when parts of the city become run-down and undesirable to live in. Examples 1. slum housing, with outside toilets, overcrowding, no hot water or central heating. 2. buildings in disrepair with leaking roofs, draughty windows and crumbling brickwork 3. Empty buildings boarded up or vandalized 4.Areas where buildings have been knocked down and which turn into derelict land.

Ways to reduce urban decay:

Ways to reduce urban decay Comprehensive redevelopment – occurs when all buildings are knocked down and the area is completely rebuilt. Urban regeneration – is the renovation of existing housing and improvement of the environment and economy including : 1. rewiring the houses and fitting central heating 2. fitting double glazing 3. cleaning the outsides of old buildings by sand - blasting

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4 . Improving the environment by landscaping 5. Building or improving the social facilities such as clubs and medical centers 6.Encouraging new businesses and industry to set up in the areas with grants and loans.

Urban problems in Cairo:

Urban problems in Cairo Lack of housing Traffic congestion Lack of jobs Pollution( noise, air, water) Demands for services ( piped water , sewers , schools, paved roads and electricity)

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Arab Republic of Egypt A transcontinental country Borders- N, Mediterranean Sea NE ,Gaza Strip, Israel E- Gulf of Aqaba S, South Sudan W, Libya Capital- Cairo

Solutions to Urban problems of Cairo:

Solutions to Urban problems of Cairo New satellite and dormitory towns built around the city Homes and public services were upgraded in the most run-down parts of the city A modern metro system was built The greater Cairo Waste Water Project, extended and repaired the sewage system People with donkey carts were licensed to collect and recycle garbage Ring road built encircling the city

Urban problems in Baltimore:

Urban problems in Baltimore Urban decay and dereliction Solutions to the problem Urban renewal Urban redevelopment

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Baltimore is the largest city in the State of Maryland in the U.S.A with a population of 650 000 .

Solution to the problem:

Solution to the problem Power plant development Redevelopment of housing in Baltimore Redevelopment of the entire city ( harbor place, restaurants, convention centre , museum, businesses tourist attractions.

Advantages of the redevelopment of Baltimore:

Advantages of the redevelopment of Baltimore Created both jobs and housing Change the economic base of the city The mixture of business , residential, recreational, cultural developments has made it attractive to different groups of people. Near to Washington DC

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