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Online Dating and Internet Relationships:

Online Dating and Internet Relationships

Research Questions:

Research Questions What is online dating? Why do some people prefer online dating over traditional dating? What are the advantages and disadvantages of online dating. What is the success rate of online dating in some communities?


Reporters Mitzi Ann Victoria Gonzales First Year, BS Mathematics Timothy Jairus Bruno Second Year, BS Statistics Alyssa Marie Aranzaso First Year, BS Mathematics Mariya Anna Mata Fourth Year , Fine Arts Lizelle Mendoza Third Year, BS Chemistry

Significance of the Report:

Significance of the Report To give necessary information about online dating To remove misconceptions on online dating To give interested people a background on how online dating works To know the pros and cons of online dating


Outline I. Introduction A. Brief discussion on what is online dating and how it works. B. Brief description of people who usually engage in online dating in terms of the age, gender, and socio-economic class .


II. Body A. What is online dating? B. Online dating VS. Traditional dating 1.Comparison 2. Myths C. Pros and Cons of online dating 1. Advantages 2. Disadvantages D. Viability of online dating E. Success Rate of online dating Outline


III. Conclusion A. Summary of report about online dating B. Analysis of the body Outline

Online Dating:

Online Dating a way of starting a romantic relationship on the Internet, by giving information about yourself or replying to someone else's information (Definition of online dating noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating:

Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating ONLINE TRADITIONAL 1. First Impressions A ttractiveness/Appeal Age Career Hobbies 2. Time Frame Time consuming A couple of hours for a single date Quick Narrows down characteristics 3. Getting Acquainted Has apprehensions No interruptions 4. Deception Full of deceit Face-to-face


Only losers use online dating sites Online dating is dangerous Online dating is expensive You never meet any good singles online Everyone lies on their profile Online dating is impersonal Myths

Advantages of Online Dating:

Advantages of Online Dating 1. Chance to meet people you normally wouldn't meet - arguably the best advantage of online dating - acts as a kind of hub for single people looking to date. 2. Save time - straight to the point by collecting like-minded people who are interested in finding dates. Meet people who are in the market

Advantages of Online Dating:

4. Less fear of rejection - less personal 5. Many more potential dates - bring together thousands of single people Personal information will never be revealed - get to choose who can view your profile Advantages of Online Dating

Disadvantages of Online Dating:

Disadvantages of Online Dating Distance - disadvantage only when there is no distance filter 2. Stigma - no real downside to this disadvantage other than it being potentially embarrassing for some people. 3. Safety - Caution and common sense should always be used in online dating

Disadvantages of Online Dating:

4. Cost - All the best online dating sites cost money to join so you'll have to spend a little extra money when going about it this way 5. Less Information - you have less information to work off because of the profiles 6. Deceit - Some profiles are full of lies 7. If a person doesn’t write well, online dating can be difficult. Disadvantages of Online Dating

Viability of Online Dating:

Viability of Online Dating Viability of online dating sites according to Pierce Brosnan ; Offerings Online dating sites encourage consumers to spike up their lives with some exciting social interaction without leaving their homes, if they do not wish to do so. ( Brosnan , 2011) Only the basic and simple technology equipment is needed to set up a home computer system to enjoy the offerings of online dating sites. ( Brosnan , 2011)

Success Rate of Online Dating:

Success Rate of Online Dating 94 % went to meet each other again when they have spent a significant amount of time chatting. 39 % were still going on at the time of the survey, and of these 24 % had been going for at least a year, and 8 % for at least two years. Of the relationships that had already ended at the time of the survey, 14 % had lasted over a year, and 4 % had lasted over two years.

Success Rate of Online Dating:

Surprisingly, according to the study of Dr. Jeff Gavin, of the University of Bath, women are less emotionally dependent on their “e-partners” than men and less committed to the relationship. Men are found to be more committed to the online relationships than women, possibly because the anonymity of writing gives them a chance to express their emotions more readily than in real life (Gavin). Success Rate of Online Dating

Summary of Report about Online Dating:

Summary of Report about Online Dating

Analysis of Data:

Analysis of Data


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