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Welcome to Youth Smiles Dental Center. We also are one of the very few offices in the Pittsburgh region that offer IV Sedation dentistry, ensuring that our patients can feel comfortable that they can get the proper care without all of the anxiety and fears that are commonly associated with a dental office. In this document We are discussing about Dental Medicaid. For more details visit :


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Medicaid Wiki • Medicaid is a social insurance program of healthcare for people of USA. Medicaid is organized to give you health benefits to all the people of America depending upon their age and condition. • In this program the economically weak people can cover their resources. This Medicaid covers all the medical fields.

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Eligibility • The mandatory eligibility groups of Medicaid includes disadvantaged groups of people children and pregnant women and person’s entitled to state their security.

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Service For Kids Benefits for reducing pain and infection in teeth of children. Replacement of teeth in the case of decayed or broken teeth Maintaining good oral health of children.

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Service For Adults The services for adults are a complete say of state. The state decides that to what group of adults benefits are to be provided. they are completely optional and the state has to decide which medical services are to be provided. But they are not completely ignored because dental health has become an important element of a person’s health.

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How Necessary It Is • The dental Medicaid can be organized as a government program focusing at improving the oral health of the people of the country. • Consult your Medicaid dentist Pittsburgh for knowing the benefits available for you and for any further oral health concern visit our clinic.

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