How To Get Started With Your Archery Bow

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You are new to archery and you are wondering how to approach it. The good thing about archery is that you don ’t need many things to get started. First you need to get an archery bow. Then you need arrows to shoot. You can buy both from the market. However you need a few other accessories too. Let ’s learn more about it below. Getting started Speaking of Cape Town archery you need to start with the bow. There are different types of Western Cape archery bows. The different type of bows includes longbows takedown bows re-curves compounds etc. We would recommend you to do your own research before you pick a certain type of bow. Each one of these bows has their own unique set of attributes. You choose them depending on your special needs. For that you need to figure out the type of shooting that you want to do. Then comes the amount of money you are willing to spend. This will be really helpful in picking the suitable bow. The arrows Next up we have to discuss the arrows. Carbon aluminum and wood are the most popular arrows you will find. The kind of arrow you choose also matters. First and foremost you have to ensure that the arrows are consistent. Carbon arrows are regarded as the most consistent – but it is really expensive. Aluminum should be the perfect choice as it is comparatively inexpensive. Wooden arrows provide least consistency. But we would suggest you to stay away from wood arrows until you know how to select the perfect wood arrows.

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The author is passionate about archery. He has seen Western Cape archery from close quarters. He knows so much about the Cape Town archery scene. For the same he writes about archery in his blog here. His mastery in the subject is here for you to witness. zip:- 1 719 country :-south africa city:-capetown state:-southafrica Phone no:-087 808 0878 E-mail:

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