wounds & bleeding

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wounds & bleeding

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STARRING… anissa padilla kevin sanders lillie ahpo & chelsea morgan with help from… lorena balic the blood buddies

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what is a wound? a wound is a break or tear in the soft tissues of your body. there are two different types of wounds- open wounds & closed wounds can result in external bleeding can result in internal bleeding (like a cut) (like a bruise)

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external bleeding: internal bleeding:

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how should I care for a minor wound? wash your hands really well & put on disposable gloves if you have them. 2. wash minor wound with soap & water. find medical help if not all of the dirt washes out. 3. take a clean cloth and apply direct pressure to the small wound. 4. when the bleeding stops, remove cloth & apply antibiotic ointment to the wound. 5. cover the wound with a protective covering and put a bandage on it. remember to change the bandage & covering daily! skill number one!

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skill number two! how should I care for a severe wound? seek medical help immediately if you can. wear disposable gloves to protect yourself from blood. 2. elevate the victim’s feet & legs. if it is a head wound, put the victim in a reclining position. 3. find the wound. expose if covered. 4. gentily put a clean cloth over the wound & apply direct pressure. 5. if the wound won’t stop bleeding, apply direct pressure to the wound while applying pressure to the pressure point in-between the wound & the heart. (if it is an arm or leg wound, raise the wound above heart level & keep applying direct pressure.) 7. when the wound stops bleeding, place new & clean bandages over the blood-soaked bandages. DO NOT REMOVE ANY DRESSINGS!

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how do I recognize skill number three! internal bleeding? if it is near the surface of the skin. 2. if you’re bleeding from your nose, eyes, or mouth, or even coughing/throwing up blood. 3. if you’re having symptoms of shock.

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how do I care for someone with internal bleeding & they’re in shock? give them something for warmth, and immediately find medical help! lay them down & raise legs 8-12 inches. if it is a head injury, lay them in a reclining position. if they are vomiting, lay them in the recovery position.

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rand m facts!

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most closed wounds are caused from falling or getting hit by something blunt. in 1996, about 60,000 people had open wounds each year in Victoria.

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10% of hospital patients have an infection due to open wounds last year, 90,000 people died because of infections due to open wounds. infections due to open wounds kill more people than HIV & auto accidents combined each year.

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thank you for watching! now you know everything on wounds & bleeding!

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