Fly Control in a Professional Kitchen


Presentation Description – Flies are little pests that seem to be everywhere. While annoying they are to be expected many places. In a restaurant though is unacceptable. Flies can spread disease and in a setting where food preparation is, you could have a potential disaster happen. If you need a fly evaluation or want to learn more about fly control & treatment methods, contact Young Environmental Solutions today.


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Fly Control in a Professional Kitchen:

Fly Control in a Professional Kitchen Keep Flies Out of Your Customers’ Food!

Flies Everywhere:

Flies Everywhere It seems no matter where you go these days, flies tend to follow. You’ll find them everywhere, even in restaurants and other commercial kitchen facilities . Unfortunately, this is the absolute worst place for flies to appear.

Spreading Disease:

Spreading Disease While flies themselves are essentially harmless creatures, they do have the ability to spread disease . Put that in a setting where food prep for many is the norm, and you have a potential disaster waiting to happen.

The Best Tip:

The Best Tip Perhaps the single best way to keep flies out of your kitchen is to keep it clean. The cleaner your commercial kitchen, the less likely flies are to come in initially. This includes offering everything a solid cleaning after each service. Appliances and counters need to be raised to provide for easy cleaning both under and behind them. Make certain the dining room is just as clean as the kitchen, too.

From the Outside In:

From the Outside In You’ll also want to be careful about bringing flies in. Given that most of your population will likely come in as your customers do, when you bring deliveries through the door, or when employees come in and out. Make certain you have screens to prevent them from coming in, and that they’re in good repair. You may also want to install two sets of doors, offering an added boundary for them to cross. You can also set up specialized fans to help blow them out the door before they ever come in.

Beware the Patio:

Beware the Patio If you have a patio seating area for your guests, you could have added trouble. Make certain your servers clear any used tables immediately, and if you have trash cans on the patio, you’ll want to ensure they have tight fitting lids to keep the flies out .

Trash, Trash, Glorious Trash:

Trash, Trash, Glorious Trash Any commercial kitchen has a solid amount of trash, and even if the dumpster is located several feet from your back door, it’s likely attracting quite a fly population. Your best bet is to consult a pest control professional to help you deal with the dumpster problem.

Ongoing Help:

Ongoing Help If your preventative methods don’t work for you the first time, what do you do next? If you choose a pest control professional instead, you can bet that any leftover problems you happen to have will be covered immediately. Contact Young Environmental Solutions today!

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