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A Seminar report on Night Vision Techniques Miracle of vision in total darkness :

A Seminar report on Night Vision Techniques Miracle of vision in total darkness By Valunj Yogesh Vijay T. Y. B. Tech. (Prod s/w ) Roll No. 609054

Three Techniques Of Night Vision:

Three Techniques Of Night Vision Low Light Imaging Near Infrared Illumination Thermal Imaging

Low Light Imaging:

Low Light Imaging Resolution is proportional to number of holes in MCP

Infrared Light:

Infrared Light Near-infrared (near-IR) – λ ranges from 0.7 to 1.3 μ Mid-infrared (mid-IR) - λ ranges from 1.3 to 3 μ Thermal-infrared (thermal-IR) - Occupying the largest part of the infrared spectrum, λ ranges from 3 μ to over 30.

Thermal Imaging:

Thermal Imaging Scene (above 0 k) Far Infrared Infrared detectors Thermo gram (electric impulses) Signal processing unit Display The basic components of a Night Vision System

Types of Thermal Imaging Devices:

Types of Thermal Imaging Devices Un-cooled Pyroelectric (capacitive effect) Micro bolometer (resistive effect) Cryogenically cooled Materials used for infrared detection are mercury cadmium telluride (HgCdTe) and indium antimonide (InSb)

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It is quite easy to see during daytime ..But at night we can see very little Thermal Imaging let us see again..

Near Infrared Illumination:

Near Infrared Illumination Infrared Illumination Devices:- Filtered Incandescent lamps LED type illuminators LASER type illuminators Infrared Detection Devices CCD

Comparison between FIR and NIR Systems:

Comparison between FIR and NIR Systems FIR system NIR system Early detection of pedestrian High Range (300-400m) poor visibility Costlier ( $1200 ) Less components but Bulky Relatively late detection of pedestrian Low Range (150-200m) good visibility Cheaper ( $300 ) More components but compact

Intelligent NVS by HONDA:

Intelligent NVS by HONDA

Other Applications:

Other Applications Military Industry Hunting Wildlife observation Surveillance Security Navigation Entertainment


Conclusion Use of Night Vision Techniques in automobiles may reduce road accidents to great extent.

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