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GUC – German University in Cairo Architecture and Urban Design ARCH 702 Legislation, Professional Practice and Contracts Fall 2018 Instructor: Dr. Yasser Mahgoub:

GUC – German University in Cairo Architecture and Urban Design ARCH 702 Legislation, Professional Practice and Contracts Fall 2018 Instructor : Dr. Yasser Mahgoub Lecture 4 PROJECT DELIVERY PROCESS 1




These activities (from the Architect's viewpoint) may be grouped into 5 major phases of work + 1 post construction phase Pre-Design Phase: Program Definition, Feasibility Analysis Design Phase: Schematic Design, Design Development Construction Document Phase: Documentation of the Design Intent Bidding and Negotiation Phase: Establishing the Cost of the Design Intent Construction Phase: Administration of the Construction Contract Post-Construction Phase: Warranty Review, Post Occupancy Evaluation ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT DELIVERY PROCESS


PRE-DESIGN It is in the preliminary stages of brief preparation and design where the opportunity to effectively influence the successful outcome of a project is greatest and the cost of doing so least. Professional Services Provided by Architects


The Value of Pre-design Extend "pre-design" as long as possible. It is defense mechanism against those "hot ideas" that will come up midway through the project. Invent ways to force yourself not to dive into design immediately Find ways of getting the client involved in this "discovery phase" Identify and achieve consensus on the five or six real issues the project brings you to solve Pre-Design

The Value of Pre-design:

Dr. Yasser Mahgoub The Value of Pre-design


PRE-DESIGN The range of Pre-Design elements include: Identification of the client's needs and options Feasibility and costing studies Value management studies Project delivery programs and building procurement advice Life-cycle cost analysis Site , geotechnical and infrastructure investigations Detailed project brief preparation . Master Planning . Professional Services Provided by Architects


Site Analysis


SCHEMATIC DESIGN Schematic Design is an advance of the preferred planning options while ensuring that the broad spatial and functional planning requirements are achieved. The Schematic Design will result in the following: Site Plan Plans, elevations and sections of the preferred design Schedule of proposed materials, finishes and signage Color Board of all materials and finishes Cost Plan Schematic Design Report Professional Services Provided by Architects


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT From the broad brush requirements of the Schematic Design, a design proposal is developed and agreed with the client and includes: Refinement of the function and form Structural systems Internal spaces of the building Mechanical Electrical Hydraulic services More detailed estimates of cost Provision of time program Professional Services Provided by Architects


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT From this stage the client will receive the following: Fully developed Site Plan Fully developed Plans of each level of the preferred design Roof Plan (slopes, materials and penetrations) Elevations of all aspects and general sections Chosen plans and sections that describe the building form through the overall scheme or part of it at a scale of 1:100 Part and elevations of typical elements and sections Schedule of finishes and sample board A report from the Building Surveyor explaining the approach to the design solution. Professional Services Provided by Architects


CONTRACT DOCUMENTATION Drawings and specifications are detailed from the Design Development and may include: Bills of Quantities sufficient for the calling of competitive tenders and to enable the building to be constructed as intended. A tender estimate Coordination and integration of the work of each discipline . Professional Services Provided by Architects

Construction Documents:

Construction Documents Construction Documents Biding requirements Drawings Contract forms and conditions Addenda Contract modifications Specifications and BoQ’s


TENDER EVALUATION When design and documentation is completed, the project goes to tender and this service includes the following: Calling of tenders Answering tender inquiries Evaluation of tenders in conjunction with or on behalf of the client Analysis and advice in respect of tenders received, including any necessary negotiations with tenders The preparation of formal contract documents Arrangements for the execution of the contract . Professional Services Provided by Architects


CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION The administration of the contract is carried out, including: Reporting on construction progress and cost Observance of compliance with the documented intent by periodic inspection of the works Supplying information , checking progress claims and issuing progress certificates , negotiating variations and cost adjustments and dealing with claims for extensions of time and other matters included in the building contract. Professional Services Provided by Architects


POST CONSTRUCTION SERVICES Manuals for facilities management or maintenance and operation purposes Systems and Equipment commissioning and adjustment Periodic maintenance inspections Replacement cost estimating for insurance purposes Warranty and operational reviews Contractor maintenance evaluation Post-occupancy evaluation Energy and environmental health surveys. Professional Services Provided by Architects

Time budget and project phases used in "Typical current practice":

Construction Documents Time budget and project phases used in "Typical current practice" 15% Schematic 20% Design Development 40% Construction Documents 5% Bid/Negotiation 20% Construction

Time budget and project phases used in "Typical current practice":

Time budget and project phases used in "Typical current practice"


Other services Life cycle cost analysis Energy studies Tenant-related design studies Economic studies Special renderings Models Brochures and promotional materials Professional Services Provided by Architects


Contractual Framework Agreement between owner and architect Outlines design tasks and requirements Identifies specific responsibilities for design, including those of the architect, of the owner, and possibly of third parties Establishes a schedule , including starting and completion dates Often defines design phases with interim milestone dates and own approvals to proceed Professional Services Provided by Architects


Approvals Obtain formal client approval ( in writing if all possible) If approval is given verbally , send the client a letter confirming the architect's understanding of the approval and ask the client to initial the letter and return a copy . Professional Services Provided by Architects


End Dr. Yasser Mahgoub

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