Tips to lower cholesterol

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"How to get rid of cholesterol, tricky relationship between Cholesterol and Alcohol"


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Tips to lower cholesterol level:

Tips to lower cholesterol level


These days most of the people are suffering from cholesterol problems, usually high cholesterol is the main issue, before jumping to the discussion, how to lower the cholesterol? We must have an idea what the cholesterol is, types of cholesterol, why high cholesterol is harmful to the body, then here it comes- how to manage cholesterol level.

What is cholesterol?:

What is cholesterol? a compound of fat or wax or Lipid found in the blood stream of every cell of the body called cholesterol, it is very importance for neurological and another system of a body. Access of cholesterol creates an issue in a body and gets plenty of diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity and much more.

Types of cholesterol:

Types of cholesterol LDL (Low density of Lipoprotein)- it collects in the wall blood vessels so it can cause blockage or heart stroke. That is why it is also called Bad cholesterol. It should be at a lower side in body. HDL(High Density of Lipoprotein)-Cholesterol is not bad at all though it is a necessary element for every cell of the body, HDL scavenges LDL so it is a good for a body. HDL Recycles LDL in different ways into Liver, HDL is a good cholesterol


Children Good Considerable High Low LDL 110mg/dl or lower 110-129 130 or higher   HDL 45 mg/dl or higher 40-45   40 or lower Adults           LDL 100 mg/dl or lower 130-159 160 mg/dl or higher   HDL 40 mg/dl or higher     39 mg/dl or lower

Food that lower cholesterol naturally :

Food that lower cholesterol naturally Oats- Best fiber rich food for all age people, it has got high nutritional value with vitamins and fibers . It’s is effective food to lose weight also and people who have blood pressure problem then eat oats with a full stomach. Fibre rich food controls glucose label in a body so the awesome option for a diabetic person too


Beans Beans are really good for Heart, Eating a cup of any type of beans a day especially Navy, Pinto, Kidney, black chickpea or butter beans it can lower approximately 10 percent cholesterol in 6 weeks’ time. Soluble fiber forms a gel in water that restricts acids and cholesterol reabsorption in a body .


Garlic In ancient times, garlic was considered as a common treatment for deafness, cough cold, leprosy, dropsy, intestinal parasites, respiratory infection and loss of appetite. Garlic is the best for heart health. It is available in dry powder form, tablets or capsules. Raw garlic bulb generally used in Indian kitchen as a spice. In Raw garlic contains allicin which is a sulfur -rich component, which is very healthy for the heart. In cooked garlic allicin is not that much powerful so raw garlic is suggested for heart patients .

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