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Want To Minimize Energy Loss In Ducts? Take A Look At These Tips The air ducts in your home makes up an important part of the air you breathe. It is essential for your health and your family to have a duct that is well-maintained and properly sealed. Ducts that are sealed in an improper way usually tend to contributed to a higher percentage of energy bills. The air ducts fitted in your house help branch a network through your house while carrying the air provided by the central ac and home furnace into each and every room. Most of the ducts that we see today are made of fiberglass, sheet metal or similar materials. www.yitac.com.sg


An efficiently installed duct helps distribute air in a proper manner throughout the house without any kind of leakage. This ensures that all the rooms are properly insulated at a comfortable temperature. The major thing to look out for in a pre-insulated duct is the balance between supply as well as return flow. This helps maintain the neutral pressure inside the home. Things To Take Care Of To Ensure Minimum Loss Of Energy:


Ensure that all your exterior windows and doors are closed. Also close all the room doors present in the interior of the house. Put on the centrally located air handler Give a slight push to the doors on the interior Observe whether the doors close again or open towards the outside. Best thing you can do is perform a check on your duct system with the following steps: www.yitac.com.sg


Always ensure that you prevent the formation of any kind of leaks in the duct system present in your house with soffit installation . If you have a faulty supply duct that is leaking, the cooled or heated air can be forced outwards leading to loss of energy. Maintain As Well As Upgrade The Present Duct System : . Apart from this, ensure that the air distribution system isn’t blocked away by any furniture. Also make sure that you remove any kind of dust that has built up in the system. www.yitac.com.sg


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