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Company Profile YiTac (S) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2006 with our core business in supplying building products and providing engineering services to the building and construction industry. We are currently expanding our stable of products and services whereby our dynamic sales and engineering team are ready to take on.


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How To Improve The Ventilation And Air Quality In Your Room A clumsy and bulked up a room without any proper ventilation and bad air quality can be tough to live in, especially if you spend long hours in that place. Soffit vents introduced in the roofs can largely reduce the cost of cooling your room during the summers and avoid unwanted dampening during the winters. They also help reduce moisture buildup and hence reducing rotting.


Insulation of the attic often causes it to clog the space between the rafters which blocks the air from travelling to and fro from the soffit installed area, to deal with this situation; you can install air chutes and clear them if they get clogged. Soffit installation should be done keeping in mind that they should have venting holes. Plug the gaps around the plumbing pipes or ducts or electrical unit. Install rectangular shaped roof vents on both ends of the roof to allow fresh wind to enter and foul smelling one to go away. How To Avoid Poor Attic Ventilation?


Your air conditioner is apt enough to ensure a well-filtered and ventilated air, but what if the Ac itself doesn’t function properly. The cooling pipe work ensures that what goes behind the Ac is always at the prime of its game. First used in big industries that needed a quality process cooling pipe work , this system has started being implemented in house-hold cooling systems as well. Any improper installation can cause quite a lot of personal and hygienic discomfort.   Air Q uality of Your R oom A nd Ways T o Improve I t


Keep Away H umidity : These piping systems are aligned with PirALU which makes sure excess moisture doesn’t pass into the room through the pipes. With moisture high in the air inside the room, the cooling effect of the air-conditioner shall be useless.

Slide8: With PirALU used in these piping systems, you can be assured that your air is as fresh as they come. There is no scope of rust occurring, so you need not worry about any rusty smell being released from the vents of your air conditioning system. With this installation system, you can be assured that the air inside the vents is free from outside influence. Your cold air inside the room remains at the same temperature without being affected. A strict temperature control is maintained. Insulation : Great Air Quality:


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