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Yitac Singapore was started in 2006 and has a well established network with sourcing capabilities. You can go through our website by clicking here:


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About YiTac (S) Pte Ltd YiTac is a leading building material supplier and a staunch engineering solution provider to the industry of Building and Construction. We provide the finest products and services to our customers. Started in the year 2006, the organization consists of a well established network along with substantial procurement and sourcing capabilities that empowers it to get good quality products and services from renowned clients and brands around the globe at extremely competitive pricing.

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Our provide services We provide workshop and housing spaces for our clients. We meet up all the construction related demands by housing ready stocks. We provide engineering solutions to our customers in the most appropriate way. Other services that we provide in the building and construction domain are- Process cooling pipe work, ACMV chilled water pipe water, ACMV duct work and General works of engineering.

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Our Service Pre Insulated Duct System Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation Polyisocyanurate Rigid Board Pir Alu Pre-Insulated Ducting Panel Acmv Duct Work

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In the construction business of ours we make use of Pre Insulated Duct System   for various different reasons because it installation saves a lot of time and its installation is quite inexpensive. It saves a lot of space and can also be modified very easily on site. Pre Insulated Duct System PIRALU is a very robust panel of foal coated on both sides a kind of aluminum which is called lacquered embossed. These panels are specially designed for this industry with various different characteristics of our material.

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A rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam panel coated on both sides with lacquered embossed aluminium . The PIRALU panels are specially designed ACMV insulation material for the industry. PIRALU The material's main characteristics are: superior thermal K value, a high level of rigidity and lightness, extremely easy to handle and install, adaptable to any type of installation. All these factors have a positive influence on the long term economical aspect of the installation.

Slide 7: Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation This is a kind of insulation helps a l lot in the business of construction by providing continuous insulation which In turn increases the thermal performance of a building or a wall. Hence Polyisocyanurate Foam Insulation is quite apt in our business function as it works as an added advantage. The efficiency In terms of the energy of a building also increases with it. Minimum heat loss takes place from the walls and it proves to be extremely cost effective too.

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Our purpose Thus YiTac’s purpose is to serve our customers while practicing the most reasonable and with constant efforts in order to fulfill their anticipating needs in the domain of building and construction. We would be more than glad to get associated with those provides us products and services that are value added so that we can effectuate the requirements of our business associates. As we all know that the business of building and construction plays an extremely important role in making an economy successful.

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ABS Grilles Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a thermoplastic polymer suited to uses primarily within marine, cooling/refrigeration and other industrial applications. Features: Light weight, durable, compact resistant, rust free.  Bar Grille Frameless Bar Grille Single Deflection Grille Double Deflection Grille Grilles Options:

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YiTac (S) Pte Ltd 2 Woodlands Sector 1 #03-04 Woodlands Spectrum 1 Singapore 738068 Tel: (65) 6257-1191 Fax: (65) 6257-3303 E-mail: Contact Us

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