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The pre insulated duct system can also be obtained from these sites. PIR ALU is an embossed aluminum, which is pre-insulated. It is pre insulated with Polyisocyanurate (PIR) form.


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Get a Brief Info about Pre-Insulated Panels and Structured Panels For the residential and light commercial construction, the structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high performance building system. The panels comprise of an insulating foam core that is sandwiched between two structural facings, which are typically oriented strand board (OSB). The manufacture of SIPs is done under factory controlled conditions. It can be fabricated in order to fit nearly any type of building design. The outcome is a building system, which is extremely strong, cost effective and energy efficient.

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Slide5: There are different types of these panels available in the market today. The pre-insulated panels are highly popular in the current scenario. Besides, the structural insulated panels have gained a huge success. Pre-insulated Panels But, the question that comes in the minds of a number of people is whether the structured insulated penal is more expensive as compared to other panels. As a matter of the fact, building with SIPs generally has the cost, which is equal to building with wood frame construction at the time when you factor in the labor savings that result from shorter construction time and less jobsite paste.

Slide6: The pre insulated duct system can also be obtained from these sites. PIR ALU is an embossed aluminum, which is pre-insulated. It is pre insulated with Polyisocyanurate (PIR) form. It is used prominently in the construction of ducting for air distribution in ventilation heating and air-condition systems (HVAC). With the help of combination of aluminum and PIR, the PIR-ALU panels are cable to produce high quality ducting. Pre Insulated Duct System

Slide7: PIR-ALU pre-insulated panels can be used indoors as-well-as outdoors, visible or with a false ceiling located in residential and commercial use. Besides, these pre-insulated panels are also a wonderful option to use in certain industries that need high level of quality and hygiene like electronics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospital & medical centers etc. The panels also comply strictly to the national and international standards that include ASHARE, SMACNA, CEN, BS etc. Parenting Stations

Slide8: There are a number of websites over internet, which are selling the above said panels. Besides, these websites first provide the entire information about these systems. You can visit these websites and can get informed about the panels, systems and a lot of other things. The websites also provide the facility to order the panels and systems over internet. The firms, which are running these websites, also have the expert engineers to install the systems. These engineers also rectify the errors time to time if there is any trouble. You can also solve your queries about the systems by calling the executives of these firms, or by contacting them through the online channels.


Acmv Insulation Material


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