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final Project ingles II By Yaditza Ravelo January – April 2010

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contents Final Project Ingles II About me My Venezuela Unit 7 Time Unit 8 Special Occasions Unit 9Person to Person Unit 10 Home Sweet Home Unit 11 Clothing Unit 12 Jobs and Ambitions Reflections

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About me Hi, there! My name’s Yaditza Indira Ravelo G. but you can call me Yady!. I’m from Caracas D.F., originally. I live in Maracaibo, in El Trebol. I’m 38 years old and I study Public Accounting at URBE . My favorite subjects are Accounting, finanzas, Tributos .I love music, sushi, studying Accounting, talking on the phone with my friends, hamburger, chocolate, and my puppy Jerry.I hate smoking, getting up early on the weekend, violence, war, injustice, and washing the dishes.My dream is to travel around the world, visit the Pyramids in Egypt, Grecian, Italy Of course, I want to graduate and be a good accountant. I also want to learn to speak English, and Italian. I’d love to work in my company.About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. I listen to music and watch TV in English. It’s a good exercise. I also chat on the internet and have very friends in many countries. I can write so so, but I need to practice more. The most difficult for me is speaking. I need to practice very more. I hope to be an Excellent Account, I wish to take the better decision in the company will go to work.

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Roraima Pico Bolivar Medanos de Coro Orchid Canaima´s Park Palafitos Playa Medina My VENEZUELA

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My VENEZUELA Venezuela is the best Country. It`s difficult to explain these phrase, because in my country exist a lot of problems. Venezuela is a blessed country, but need people likes to work for her. I love my country, and all days work and study for her. I hope changes for my country, and I hope all people learn the lesson. Venezuela is a beautiful country. It`s a Amazing place. Venezuela has a different climates and landscapes. Venezuela has a Mountains, beaches, rivers, deserts, lakes, cities and plenty nice people.   Venezuela is a cosmopolitan country. Your principal city is Caracas. It`s has a lot places for to fun and share. Caracas has museums, parks, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and discos. Maracaibo is a second city of Venezuela. It`s similar to Caracas, but it has a natural monuments: Maracaibo`s lake, Catatumbos`s Lightning and Perija`s Mountain. There are other cities: Puerto Ordaz, Valencia, Barquisimeto, San Cristobal and more.   Venezuelan`s people are gently and nice. We are funny, we like to share to other people. We like the parties and to travel inside the country.

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In Venezuela people who work have this schedule : SCHEDULE

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On week ends, Venezuelans have this schedule:

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Holidays In Venezuela there many holidays, such as: Carnival on February, Valentine's day 14 February, Chinita´s day 18 November Christmas, December 24 and 25 New year eve 31 December,

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Chinita´s days One of the most important holyday in estate Zulia in Maracaibo is the Chinitas fair, on that week there are parades beauty pageants, concerts and many other things. On the night 17th every restaurant and night club open until sunrise they present several musicians, special drink and other activities, this is “Amanecer de Feria”. Also many musicians called gaiteros play for the chinitas virgin until sunrise at the basilica lot´s of people attend to the church service and enjoy the music.

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Person to Person Days in Venezuela are very similar to other countries people wake up early in the morning, adults go to work and children's go to school. At nights Venezuelans get together, have dinner, watch TV., catch up on recent event or maybe play for a while then they go to bed around 11 pm. On the weekends they visit family and friends, go to the movies, shopping or jus stay at home and relax.

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Home sweet home In Venezuelan live in the house , townhouses or apartments from 6 to 20 rooms, usually it has a living room, many bedrooms and bathrooms, dinning room, laundry room, kitchen, small park, parking spaces and back yard. A lot of people don't have money for to buy house, this people live in what we call “Ranchitos” it’s a made of wood, paper, zinc, usually it has a 2 to 5 rooms, one kitchen room, one bedroom one bathroom and one living- dining room and yard. In the north Easter side of Venezuela same people live in “Palafitos” house made inside the water on the Sinamaica lagoon, in the amazons many peoples (Indigenes) live in “chozas” houses of palm and wood.

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My VENEZUELA Apartment: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living –dining room.. Amazons choza Palafito zulia Ranchito: One kitchen room, one bedroom one bathroom and one living- dining room and maybe one yard Townhouse: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living –dining room, garage, yard .. house made inside the water

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CLOTHING The clothes that use the Venezuelan's people is so varied. For example, the students uses uniform: pants or jeans, shirt red, white, blue or beige; shoes black or brown and they need a bag for books and notebooks. The workers use different clothes; the ladies use dresses, skirts, pants and shirts in different colors. The student of university don`t need use the uniform. In Venezuela is common to use cotton`s clothes because for the heat. When the boys and girls go out use beautiful clothes, and the girls use makeup

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Blouse Bag Pants Shoes Sport shoes Shirt Coat Jeans Dresses Skirt Uniforms: Blue pant and t-shirt . Jacket

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Jobs and ambitions Venezuela has a lots of job. Exist a lots of professional. There are accounts, lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, professors, withers, actors, polices and exist a lot of informal professions Is really worry how in my country plenty people don`t study and will be a professional. I hope to graduate of Account I think is a interesting carrers Account has a lot of responsibility, they take important decision for companies. They keep all the information about companies’ economic situation. Now is a important profession in my country, because all companies need a Account.

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I need to be honest. I didn`t like English much, because it`s difficult for me. Now I changed my opinion about this. English is a really important language. In this class I learned post my homework in my blogs of internet. I learn to like this language. I hope that in the future I learn more and more I wish I have a good grades in the others level of English   I study Accounting at Urbe and I like my carrer I work and study, but I put my energy in both areas. I wish to be an excellent professional.   Thanks for all I learn a lots of things in this class I wish don`t forget anything Special Thanks to Teacher Doris for to motivate me to learn and practice English REFLECTIONS

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