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My favorite room in my home is my bedroom, because it has everything I need for entertainment, I have my computer, CD and mp3 player, Tv whit DVD player, a great chair next to the window to study and of course my wonderful and comfortable bed.

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Yard: In the yard there is tree in the front of the house and on the floor lawn Living-dining room: In the room there is one sofa, next to the wall there is a fireplace, there is a dinning set in front on the sofas, there is a vase on the desk , there are flowers in the vase. Kitchen : In the middle of the room , there is a large rug, in the rug there is a dining table and chairs and the chicken on the desk , next to the wall there is Stove. There is a refrigerator in the corner, there is a microwave on the kitchen island.

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Bedroom: In the room there is one bed whit pillows, the laptop on the desk in front of the window , a great chair in the middle of room and front the tv, there is a medium rug next to the bed and in the middle of the chairs and tv.. Bathroom: In the bath room there is a wc., bath, in the wall two towels , in the floor chair and on the chair one hair dryer. Terrace: In the room there is two chair s and next to one umbrella, there is a ball in front the pool and on the sand.

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