My Special Days

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My special days By Yaditza Ravelo

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What your name? What’s your favorite month of the year and why? What’s is your favorite day of the week? What do you eat or drink on the day? What do you do or where do you? When’s your birthday? How old are you? When where your born?

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Hello, my name is Yaditza Ravelo but call me Yady it’s my nickname .. My favorite month on the year is August because I is my vacations, I love travel for my country and visit my family. My favorite day of the week is Sunday because i stay in bed until noon, I see Tv, I go out whit my boyfriend . My favorite day of the year is my birthday because usually we celebrate my birthday and eat lots of pizza, drinks and birthday cake whit my family and friends . My birthday is April twenty fifth. I was born in 1.971, I’m 38 year old.

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