What are the common vastu shastra tips

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 The latest venture of the Emami Group is Emami Cement Limited ECL. ECL has recently launched Emami Double Bull cement in the markets of Chhattisgarh West Bengal Odisha and Jharkhand.  ECL has an installed capacity of 4.4 million tonnes of cement built at an estimated cost of over Rs.2650 Crores.  The 4.4 million tonne of capacity comes from the state-of- the-art integrated cement plant at Risda Baloda Bazaar situated 70 km away from Raipur the capital of Chhattisgarh. The integrated plant has a capacity of 2.4 million tonnes each of clinker and cement which is being upgraded to 3.2 million tonnes of clinker.

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 As an Indian I have always given great importance to new beginnings. Same was the case when we shifted to our new house. To ensure that we have a positive beginning we followed the basic measures highlighted in the traditional Hindu system of Vastu Shastra.  Here are some of the common Vastu Shastra tips for home you can follow:  The main door should be bigger than any other door in the house and it should always face the north northeast east or west. Have a name plate outside your door.  Always wash your feet and hands immediately after entering the house.

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 Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.  Leaking taps are considered inauspicious according to vastu.  Keep holy water at all corners of the house to ward off negative energy.  Avoid having mirrors in the bedroom.  Use soothing colors for the bedroom.  Light candles or incenses every day in the morning and evening to ward off negative vibes.  Use wind chimes to fill the house with positivity.  Apart from these tips the most vital tip would be to ensure the house is strong and that it can withstand difficulties. To ensure this one most use good quality products while building the house. Quality of steel cement wood glass etc shouldn’t be ignored.  Emami cement one of the best cement company in India has many such Vastu tips for your guidance visit: http://www.emamicement.com/vastu-design-plans.php

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