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YES Machinery offer a large range of welding light filtration products like welding curtains and welding screens that filter harmful welding light.


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Yes Machinery Welding Curtains Manufacturing Company in UAE


We’ve always been Machinery & Solutions people!! YES machinery was established to meet the machinery needs of the Steel fabrication industry with a focus on finding smart solutions for the daily challenges faced by a steel fabricator.


LET’S TALK SOLUTIONS Right from the start, the objective was to redefine how the machinery business was done in the Middle East. We focused on adding value to the business by promoting the best solutions, empowering product expertise, setting up a demo center to see, try and like the product and above all, a flexible approach to the client and market needs.


Yes Machinery Welding Welding Tables Easy to change colors, photos and Text. Welding Curtains. Welding Helmets . Our installations are backed promptly by a trained service team. Making your job easier is something we give more importance to.  Yes Machinery  takes interest in providing our customers with competitive prices and exceptional service as the best steel fabrication company in UAE . Our projects are completed with ease and speed. we set ourselves apart through diligence and dedication.


Yes Machinery Welding Work Holding & Fixuring Weld Cleaning. Weld Fume Extraction Welding Machines We represent and promote reputed brands from across the globe. We have two divisions - one promoting machines and solutions for steel fabrication industry and the other division promoting industrial handling and process automation solutions with a focus on general industry


Welding Curtains Welding Curtains are not only fitted with eyelets all around, they also have the unique snap fastener system on both vertical sides. You can interconnect the curtains endlessly with this system.


When protecting the welding area, it is important not to isolate it from other work areas which is one of the reasons why a  welding curtain  should be made of transparent material. Safety measures are required by law in the welding area.  Welding curtains  must comply with the European Standard EN-1598 which stipulates measures must be met in the following areas:


Infographic Style Welding light filtration Welding light reflection Self-extinguishing (flame retardant) UV stability Strength of the product Marking requirements


CEPRO are specialists in designing safe  welding  and grinding work areas and can provide a comprehensive range of products and services. Our products not only increase the safety of the working area, but they also increase efficiency resulting in an improved workflow and cost-savings. Our products comply with all the currently applicable standards and regulations, including several sub-fields.


Unless otherwise stated, all  CEPRO welding curtains  have the following characteristics: Produced from approx. 0.40mm thick PVC Fully sealed seam all-around with a 5cm wide seam Have very strong synthetic suspension eyelets embedded in the top seam Have snap-fasteners on both sides spaced at 40cm one above the other to enable the user to connect the curtains Supplied with a set of steel suspension rings (for tube Ø 33,7mm) Packed in a plastic bag including full information regarding the product.


YES Machinery offer a large range of welding light filtration products like welding curtains and welding screens that filter harmful welding light. Our products have been approved according to the European EN-1598 standard and are regularly retested and re-certified company in UAE. Therefore customers are always assured of obtaining a safe product from Yes machinery.


Do you need help finding the right automated welding equipment for your business? We like to listen, listen to your needs, challenges on the shop floor and come up with the right solution. Feel free to contact us for further questions or inquiries 971 50 8993781

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