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SSA in Manipur:

SSA in Manipur Statistical details: Demographic profile Education infrastructure Educational indicator Status of SSA implementation (2009-10) Major initiatives under SSA, Manipur Monitoring and supervision

Statistical details:

Statistical details Demographic: Population- 21.66 lakhs (2001), 29.13 lakhs (Mid year), 34% ST, 2% SC Gender ratio - 978 6-11 population- 1,74,329( B) + 1,67,969(G) = 3,42,298 11-14 population-99,256 (M) + 97,378(F) = 1,96,634 Infrastructure Total no. of schools- 2,564 (P) + 1,493 (UP)=4,057 Total class rooms: 8,890 (P) + 15,166 (UP) =24,056

Educational indicators:

Educational indicators Sl. No. Total Girls SC ST 1. Enrolment I – V VI -VIII 353114 129534 176048 64661 11214 4679 169267 48163 2. T ransition PS TO Rate UPS 83.72 83.51 77.74 74.84 3. Avg. Drop Out (Primary) 10.31% 0.81% 7.47% 9.30%

Implementation status 2009 -10:

Implementation status 2009 -10 Financial performance: Out lay approved:5285.52 Lakhs Funds received: Opening Balance: 696.54 Lakhs Central Share = 1500 Lakhs State Share = 578.28 Lakhs Expenditure : 2349.09 % of exp. Of the available fund: 84 %

Physical Achievements:

Physical Achievements Civil works: Construction of 256 ACR as per infrastructure gap of DISE taken up. Construction of 285 ACR for upgraded Schools taken up. Pedagogy: In service Training of teacher= 10,030 Distance education program= 900 Remedial Teaching= 2000 Teachers Grant= 13438 School Grant= 3659

Physical Achievements :

Physical Achievements EGS/AIE 21707 children enrolled enrolled under EGS centres. Innovative Activity: CAL - 135 Computer labs provided to 135 UPS/ CRCs, teachers trained under CAL. Incentives provided to students under Girls education, SC/ST and Urban Deprived Children. Inclusive Education: Medical Assessment camp conducted in 34 Education Blocks. Braille Kits distributed to CWSN and teachers training/ sensitization programme conducted for General Teachers on HI, VI & MR.

Physical Achievements:

Physical Achievements Community ownership: Co mmunity leaders sensitized and trained. KGBV: the residential school has 81 girl students from 27 villages. NPEGEL: 1500 girls have been enrolled in 8 model cluster schools.


MAJOR INITATIVES Funds being directly transferred into VECs accounts through e- transfer & bank advice in order to reduce inordinate delay. House Hold Survey and School Mapping exercise completed. School re organization and redeployment of teachers in the valley districts completed. Institutional strengthening done at the District level through engagement of District Programme Managers and Accounts Officers etc.

Monitoring and supervision :

Monitoring and supervision Action Taken: The Chief Secretary/ Chairman, E.C., SSA, Manipur has started taking review meetings to monitor the progress of CSS/ CPS on 1 st Monday of every month with the DCs. DCs have been asked to review the progress of SSA implementation fortnightly and submit the report to SMA. Review meetings by SPO are being taken regularly to monitor the progress of the DPOs.


STATE SPECIFIEC DEMAND 250 Additional Teachers against PTR gap . 4125 Regular Teachers to ensure one teacher for each section.

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