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www.iamyello.com What every child should know about Indian Festivals preschools in Bangalore

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What every child should know about Indian Festivals India is a land of varied religions languages cultures and festivals. While some festivals are celebrated with sheer enthusiasm devotion and joy across the country others have specific regional and religious undertones. Cultural awareness among children must be developed from a very young age. Kids should be nurtured to learn and appreciate their country’s unique and diverse cultures. Festive occasions build a strong bond between children as they get to know each other’s customs and cultures. Festival celebrations have also become an integral part of learning and developing strong cultural values in children. Special days are remembered by children only when they are aware of the significance of the occasion.

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The wide spectrum of religions and faiths in the country is the prime cause of such diversification. So it is imperative for your little ones to know the roots of Indian festivals: ● Diwali: ● Holi: ● Ramadan/Eid–Ul-Fitr: ● Christmas:

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Diwali: Diwali the festival of lights is celebrated throughout the country with vigour and enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated by traditionally illuminating the houses with diyas. It is believed that on this day Lord Rama returned from 14 years of exile during which he fought and won the battle against Ravana the demon king. People lit lamps and diyas to celebrate this victory. During Diwali Goddess Lakshmi who symbolizes wealth happiness and prosperity is also worshipped. Holi: Holi the festival of colors marks the arrival of spring after winter. When the king of demons King Hiranyakashipu’s son - Prahlada chose to worship Vishnu Hiranyakashipu was furious and subjected his son to cruel punishments. Finally the kings sister Holika tricked Prahlada into sitting on a pyre with her. Holika protected herself with a cloak. As the fire blazed the cloak flew off from Holikas body and encased Prahlada thus saving his life. Later Vishnu appeared in the avatar of Narasimhahalf-man half-lion and killed the king. This is the reason Holi begins with the Holika bonfire which marks the end of evil.

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Ramadan/Eid–Ul-Fitr: Ramadan one of the major religious festivals of India is celebrated mainly by the Muslim religion of the Indian demographic. Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar and is the period for fasting prayers introspection and religious contemplation. The end of Ramadan is marked with a three day festival of Eid-Ul-Fitr where Muslims break their fasts by gathering together for prayers and celebration. After Ramadan Muslims congratulate each other by wishing “Kullu Am Wa Antum Bikhair” meaning “May you be blessed throughout the year.” Christmas: Christmas is celebrated by people across the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is the time for religious and cultural celebrations for Christians. This festival is celebrated by decorating the Christmas tree and exchanging gifts. This festival is known for its merrymaking. Its a time when family and friends come together and cherish the good things they have. People and especially kids enjoy Christmas as its a time when you give and receive gifts.

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Apart from learning and play activities festivals and cultural events are also organized at Yello one of the best preschools in Bangalore to introduce the child to our country’s culture and traditions. Some of the festivals celebrated at Yello preschool are – Dussehra Holi Diwali Raksha Bandhan Christmas Sankranthi Eid etc.

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Preschools in Bangalore Yello Preschool and Daycare Contact us: 0874 899 5555 Email: infoiamyello.com Website:www.iamyello.com Thanking you

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