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Plastic Buckets Plastic Buckets Plastic Pails Open Head Plastic Bucket Tight Head Plastic Bucket Tight Head Plastic Pail

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Open Head Plastic Bucket 0.6 Gallon, Open Head, Screw Lid, comes with a Neoprene Gasket and is designed strictly according to the specifications of  UN 1H2/Y4/S Dimensions of the plastic bucket: 6.99″ O.D. X 7.39″ O.H., 6.15″ I.H. X 6.62″ I.H.

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Tight Head Plastic Bucket The 5 Gallon Tight Head Plastic Bucket comes with a pop-off top which makes it the easiest to use tight head plastic bucket on the market. This tight head bucket is made strictly according to the regulations of UN 1H1/Y1.8/100. This design is ideal for easy transport of non-hazardous chemicals. These pails are easy to handle and also easy to stack on with our standard tapered top thereby facilitating your storage needs .

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The 5 Gallon Rectangular Tight Head Plastic Bucket, has a 70 mm Screw Cap and is available in white color only. It is designed according to the specification of UN 3H1/Y1.8/100 and weighs 4 Lbs . Dimensions of the Plastic Bucket: 11.375″ Dia. X 9.875″ I.W. X 15.2″ Ht . Tight Head Plastic Pail

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Plastic Buckets having different types of lids such as:- Standard Lid :   This lid is secured and hold tight on the plastic bucket. It has a tear tab as well for more security that you may need for your plastic buckets. Gamma Seal Lid :  this kind of lid transforms plastic blankets from a 2-gallon plastic pail to a 7-gallon pail into a dependable resalable container that is also airtight.

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Spout Lids :  You don’t have to worry about giant messes with this lid top. It is made for easy pouring and its rubber gasket helps prevent leakage. These lids can be specified to be FDA compliant and are also made with high-density polyethylene.

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