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ingles Final Project S-411 English IV. Teacher Doris Molero. Yaymir Muñoz

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Contents 1. About Me. 2. Favorite Unit. Unit 8 (Heroes). 3. Unit 12 (Movie). 4. Reflections.

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Yaymir Muñoz making decisions Music Decorate Cook Maracaibo Son two dogs Have. Study Urbe English class Communication I love I Like I From Responsible Organized Hardworking. I love You I hate violence and war I am a Yaymir Muñoz 25 Years old.

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Heroes Brave visionary Intelligent Leader generous Personal Modern Day collaborator Professional Generous From the movie past Leader Loving Honest God´s Son My Father Juanes Optimus Prime Yaymir Muñoz Christ

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Movie Linkin Park New Divine Michael Bay 24 June 2009 Revenge is coming Director Cast Bumblebee Samuel Witwicky Optimus Prime Soundtrack Plot Decepticons Witwicky prisoner Daga War Transformer II Yaymir Muñoz Vs Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-fi

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English IV I Love My Favorite Teacher I learned to work on my computer.Create a blog Easy A fun class, different, practices

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