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The Power Of Tiens (Tiens Opportunity Meeting) Opportunity Presentation of Profession (OPP) Organized by: Tiens Nepal International Pvt. Ltd Support by:- Unicore Support system Monday, October 10, 2011 Creating The opportunity, Building The Success

TIENS Group Company Profiles:

TIENS Group Company Profiles


Contents How do people today have their own Business Tiens - safety, sustainable business, and promising prospects Tiens - Honesty, responsibility, and charity Tiens makes your dreams come true TIENS International Health Industrial Park

How to make your own business?:

How to make your own business?

What do people fear of today? :

Fear of unemployment Fear of disease Fear of poverty What do people fear of today?

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Unemployment situations of various countries The global economic crisis has led to rising unemployment Russia Ukraine India Vietnam Unemployment rate

How would you choose? :

How would you choose?

Choose a Business :

Choose a Business Success Corporate strength Prospect of the industry Risk Assessment Business development Learning opportunities ……?

What Business you choose?:

What Business you choose?

Answer: Tiens:

Answer: Tiens



TIENS International Health Industrial Park:

TIENS International Health Industrial Park

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TIENS International Health Industrial Park

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TIENS Group‘s global headquarter building (67,000 square meters)

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International Conference Centre for 7,000 people

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Four-star hotel

Slide 17:

Seven-star International Hot Spring Hotel

Slide 18:

Global Research & Development Cente r

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TIENS Group Planning map Dragon River

Tiens – Honesty, Responsibility, and Charity:

Tiens – Honesty, Responsibility, and Charity

The origin of "Tiens" :

The origin of " Tiens " Tian (refers sky in Chinese): Represents the first Chinese character of "Tianjin", and also the first character of "Favorable Weather, the Earth's Advantageous Terrain and Human Unity." Shi (refers lion in Chinese): Over 1000 years, Cangzhou has been famous for its iron lion; it is also known as the Lion City, and the lion has become a symbol of Cangzhou. President Li Jinyuan has never forgetten his native land, so the Chinese character Shi (lion) in "Tiens (Tianshi)" stands for his home. The lion with two wings raise its head to the sky, and hug the earth. Two wings on the back represent the Tiens Group's ambition and soaring manner.

Founder - Mr. Li Jinyuan :

Founder - Mr. Li Jinyuan Chairman of Tiens Group A Member of Tianjin CPPCC Standing Committee Vice President of Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce A Member of Executive Committee of China Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice President of China Health Care Association Vice President of China Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development Vice President of Western China Charities Commission A Member of WFDSA CEO Committee Vice President of China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association Vice Chairman of CPPCC in Wuqing of Tianjin President of TIENS Meijing International Love Foundation ……

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Picture of President Li Jinyuan and First Deputy Prime Minister of Congo (DRC) Picture of President Li Jinyuan and deputy director of President Office of Congo (DRC) Picture of President Li Jinyuan and Minister of Ministry of Information of Congo (DRC) President Li Jinyuan had a cordial conversation with Mr. Ahmed. M Abadi, the Egyptian Embassy Commercial Minister Plenipotentiary Picture of President Li Jinyuan and Mr. Xujiate Hussein, Pakistan's former Prime Minister and President of Ruling Party Pakistan Muslim League Picture of President Li Jinyuan and the Minister and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Health of Congo (DRC)

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Ukraine's ambassador to China and President Li Jinyuan was giving gifts to each other President Li Jinyuan was giving a flying lion to Pakistan's Minister of Tourism During the "high-level dialogue for the middle and new enterprise" ,President Li Jinyuan was met with Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore Prime Minister Mr. Raja Ismall, the marketing director of Malaysian Ministry of Trade, was invited to visit Tiens Group, and spoke highly of the global development strategy of Tiens President Li Jinyuan was met with Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Royal Government of Cambodia President Li Jinyuan was warmly received by Secretary of State of Ministry of National Defense and senior generals

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President Li Jinyuan presented the Golden Lion to the Cambodian Ministry of Health Minister Nusukun President Li Jinyuan met Bassem Awadallah, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation President Li Jinyuan was visited by Defense Minister of Namibia Malian President Amadou Toumany Toure met with President Li Jinyuan SHARMANOV.TUIEGELDY, the former Minister of Health of Kazakhstan, visited Tiens Obasanjo, the President of Nigeria and President of the African Union (second from left) met with President Li Jinyuan and Vice President Bai Ping in the Nigerian embassy

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President Li Jinyuan and Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi President Li Jinyuan and Macapagal Arroyo, President of Philippine President Li Jinyuan presented a gift to the Ghanaian President John Kufuor President Li Jinyuan and former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev President Li Jinyuan and Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State President Li Jinyuan and Indonesian President Megawati President Li Jinyuan and Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Chavalit and his party President Li Jinyuan was met withTsutomu Hata, Director-General of Japan's Democratic Party, House member, and former Prime Minister

Globalized Enterprise :

Globalized Enterprise Tiens, a successful large-scale global enterprise group With business covering over 190 countries worldwide, and branches in 110 countries and regions

Our Logo:

"Internationalization" development strategy Natural and Health Sunshine and Wealth Green Earth People-oriented concept of Tiens tightly links the global Tiens employees together The overall pattern contains the continued upward growth trend of Tiens brand Our Logo

History :

History 1997 -2002, took the initiative in "going abroad“ successfully operated in the international market, and achieved the business model transformation. Since 2002, consolidated the cash flow / logistics / information flow; Consumption created wealth, while operating business created even more wealth. 1995 -1997, adhered to the industry direction, strengthened the domestic market basis. Studied abroad and prepared to fight the international market.

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Monday, October 10, 2011 UNICORE SYSTEM PVT. LTD, 30 Company slogan Share together and let’s fly together

Our mission :

To provide worldwide consumers with high-quality products, as well as educational and Business opportunities, Enhance the quality of life, and promote the international social harmony Our mission

Strategic Partners :

HR Purchasing / Production R & D / Design Marketing / Network Operations / Logistics Strategies Strategic Partners

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Evaluated as the "Best Enterprise of international ecological security" by the UN Commission on Ecological Security and the International Academy of Ecological Security and other departments Awarded the "Award for efficacy in various fields of health food products" on Moscow Health Food Science Seminar, and awarded medals "Halal Certification" by Islamic Society "Jewish Certification" by Judaism HACCP Certification GMP certification, SSOP certification. ISO9001: 2000,14000 international quality system certification Tiens - Honesty

Tiens - Responsibility:

Tiens - Responsibility Provide employment opportunities and set up education programs to benefit the country and people

Tiens Group has put more than 1.4 billion Yuan in the charity and public cause. :

Tiens Group has put more than 1.4 billion Yuan in the charity and public cause. Tiens - Charity



Security - risk-free business model :

Funding risks Market Risk Policy Risk Operational risks Security - risk-free business model Compared with the traditional industries, to engage in business of Tiens often has advantages in the following areas None

Security - high-quality products:

Security - high-quality products Nutritional & Health Foods Beauty & Skin Care Products Home Supplies Health Care Product

Business with promising prospects :

Business with promising prospects Continuous innovation in the health science The health industry rapidly developed, and China's five thousand years of health cultural influenced the world Impacts of China's enterprises on in the world

Business with promising prospects:

Business with promising prospects Integration of three networks Interaction among six networks New Replacement Theory Consumption creates wealth, Operating consumption creates more wealth

Learning and development opportunities :

Learning and development opportunities Trainings for Golden Lion Distributors Golden Lion Trainings for Honor Lion Distributors Bronze lion - Silver lion Trainings for Senior Distributors 7-8☆ Trainings for intermediate Distributors Trainings for Junior Distributors 3-4☆ 5-6☆ A fence-less university

Sustainable Business :

Sustainable Business

Tiens shares the followings with you :

Tiens shares the followings with you Health Beauty Life Experience Success

“Tiens makes your DREAMS come true.”:

“ Tiens make s your DREAMS come true .”

The power of the Dreams :

The power of the Dreams Dreams do not only refers to wish, but the must. Establish a dream, and build a dream file. If you believe that you can do it, and you can surely achieve it.

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Tiens Nepal International Pvt. Ltd Magh 14, 2063 January 28, 2007 History of Tiens Nepal R 46 Reg No – 43808/063/64 Pan No - 302483640 Baishakh 6, 2065 April 18, 2008 Mangsir 20, 2066 January 04, 2010 Tiens Nepal International Pvt. Ltd

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Tiens Group, Branch Office Nepal Maharajgung , Kathmandu

On-site training and interaction:

On-site training and interaction

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