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Teaching for Tomorrow:

Teaching for Tomorrow To help them to thrive in a world we know nothing about

Think of your Role Model:

Think of your Role Model Is it a parent or a teacher? What do you need to do to change that? Less than 10% have a parent or teacher as a role model Yet these two roles have the maximum face time with children

If a system is to be judged by its results, what should we say about our education system looking at its result – our society?:

If a system is to be judged by its results, what should we say about our education system looking at its result – our society?

Our Challenge:

O ur Challenge Prepare them for a world that we know nothing about You signed up when you had a child

The problem with the present system is not that it has failed:

The problem with the present system is not that it has failed But that it is hugely successful

What we need:

What we need When was the last time that you rewarded a student for disagreeing with you?

What we produce:

What we produce We reward compliance and punish questioning

What we must encourage:

What we must encourage But we demand conformity and punish diversity Curiosity Imagination Creativity

What we must do:

What we must do But we dampen and sedate Stimulate Provoke Engage


How? Recognize the problem and seek solutions

Our current design:

Our current design We know – You listen and memorize We teach random data (called facts) We examine random recall during a specific timeframe and ‘FAIL’ those who recall the same thing 5 minutes later That is exactly how you fill boxes on an assembly line

Two key skills:

Two key skills Memorization Regurgitation

Two suicidals:

Two suicidals Thinking Questioning

What’s teaching?:

What’s teaching? Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors for them in places that they could not imagine. Teaching is about teaching them the tools of learning which will enable them to pursue learning all their lives. What do we do with those who ask ‘odd’ questions?

Teaching Science:

Teaching Science We teach science like we teach history – as a ‘fact’ course. Whereas science is not about fact at all but about constant discovery. Science is about constantly discovering how little we know. Science is not about answers but about learning to ask the right questions, learning to analyze data with a willingness to be proved wrong . That’s why most children don’t open a science book once they leave school

Teaching History:

Teaching History We concentrate on dates far more than on lessons learnt and ways of applying them in today’s society . History question: When was the Battle of Waterloo fought ; who was fighting whom? Not why; not what did that indicate about that society and its implications in today’s society. So they hate history and never read it when they leave school

Teaching Math:

Teaching Math Children hate math, algebra even more. But when did we ever hear of a teacher teaching math as a problem solving tool? Or of teaching algebra as a tool to plan a party? Context gives meaning – but we don’t link to context

Context of Math:

Context of Math Math enhances ability in reasoning, intelligence, decision making and abstract analysis. But we only teach dry numbers. Math enables budgeting, judging and assessment of business enterprises; it is the basis behind computer programming, music, art, graphic design, aeronautics – and a million other highly interesting things. But it’s interesting only in context

Our approach must change:

Our approach must change The way we teach math – the majority of students hate it, never use it to any advantage and trash 12 years of learning it as soon as they complete their final exam. So why should you study math at all?


Exams Exams are the final nail in the coffin which ensure that the child hates learning forever .

Abolish Exams:

Abolish Exams Or at least have only open book exams . Random recall of random data at a specific time of the day? And if they collaborate you call it cheating and fail them. In real life we call it teamwork. That is the most insane thing to do – so why do it ?

O! Teacher, stop teaching:

O! Teacher, stop teaching And start learning

Monitor yourself daily:

Monitor yourself daily Start discovering, learning, enjoying. Start appreciating that the child is the best thing that happened to you and every single day try to become the best thing that happens to him or her. ‘If you want to know what someone values, see what they measure.’ ~ Mikel Harry (Motorola, 6 – Sigma Quality)

You’re ushers – not teachers:

You’re ushers – not teachers Teachers must never teach. They must be like ushers in a vast museum, walking quietly with their students tiptoeing behind them, opening one door after another – letting them take a peek – and then handing them the key to the door so that they can come back in their own time and explore in detail. Is every day exciting?

Give them the keys:

Give them the keys The teacher then takes them to another door for another peek and another key. See ?? Imagine how exciting that is for the child!  The teacher’s job is to give them the keys. Teaching is about asking questions – and teaching them to ask questions .

Ask questions:

Ask questions Reward the best question The teacher who gives answers has failed. So never do that. Let them find the answers and be prepared for answers you didn’t ever think about The best question is the one that left you speechless

It’s not about today:

It’s not about today Teaching is about keeping the excitement of learning alive all lifelong .

Our links:

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