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Careers in Global Corporations Key Leadership Ingredients:

Careers in Global Corporations Key Leadership Ingredients

CEO Survey: Korn-Ferry International - 1999:

CEO Survey: Korn -Ferry International - 1999 Question What are the key ingredients for success in tomorrow’s corporations given the challenges in the environment as you anticipate them? 2


Global experience & understanding of business in terms of global impact Functional expertise and exposure to leading multi - national teams Ability to react to local opportunities & threats Network of relationships spanning countries Multi-language skills Overview 3

Origin less important than results:

Origin less important than results It matters less 'where' you come from and more 'what' you can do Contributions are more important than credentials. Visibility' is important but ultimately it is 'credibility' which must be built 4

Formula for Success:

Formula for Success Cross functional experience built on functional expertise 5


Planning Specific Measurable Achievable Result Focused Time Bound Surest sign of a leader: the willingness to be held accountable

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Performance Focus on performing your current job and deliver more than expected. Develop a reputation for delivering results beyond expectations It is okay to talk about career development but secondary to how you perform your current job. The one who ‘hits the ball out of the park’ is heard first Only results can be counted 8


Expertise Get recognition as an expert in your function. Then look for opportunities to apply your expertise in a broader context. Learn the language of finance. It is the language of business. Be prepared to accept the more 'problematic' and inconvenient job and to offer to help others. Trust = Expertise + Willingness to help 9


Ownership Track your career and make your own development plan. Show it to your boss Like a professional athlete, make a habit of constant self improvement Whose career is it? 10


Ownership Never whine about your career. Others can give advice, but in the end, your career is in your own hands Concentrate equally on technical & behavioral skills, & remember that the higher you go, the more people skills will matter You are only as good as your team 12


People Only the inspired can inspire, so check your own inspiration Your own career will depend on those you can inspire Critical Abilities: make friends, negotiation, communication, conflict resolution People don’t remember what you did. They remember how you made them feel. 13 Who is rooting for you?

Challenges & Visibility:

Challenges & Visibility Take the hard job. Err on the side of the bigger challenge. Play ‘offence’ with your career. But be brave, not stupid Seek out assignments with visibility, but recognize that it cuts both ways Be sensible. If you fail, you will not be rewarded for trying. Ensure a 70% chance to win Visibility + Credibility = Leadership 15

Mentors & Role Models:

Mentors & Role Models Broaden your support base. Work for people who will challenge you Seek feedback. Don’t be defensive. Surround yourself with great people & be willing to learn Be persistent, but with awareness. If you encounter the 'imperfect' boss, don’t complain. Learn how you can be better Measure how you acted on feedback

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Cross-cultural Exposure:

Cross-cultural Exposure Learn the language of the country and expose yourself to that culture Don’t judge people of other cultures by your standards and value systems Be willing to share information and talk about your own culture so others learn Ask questions with sensitivity to local manners Respect is at the basis of all friendship 18

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No inspiration Culture misfit Can't deliver Fails to communicate and inspire around a clear, simple stretch goal. Unable to get the commitment of the team Delivers results but does not believe in the values of the culture. Talks a good game but can't deliver beyond expectations 6 – Career Derailers Jack Welch’s list 19

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Out of focus Poor relations Inflexibility Misses leverage points. Unable to process multiple inputs. Unable to work with diverse people in a multicultural environment Unwilling to change. Over dependence on mentors / skill set. Overly critical / blames others. 6 – Career Derailers Jack Welch’s list 20

The Competency Model :

Entrepreneurial Approach Leading Change Technical Expertise The Competency Model Personal Excellence 21 CORE VALUES Core Purpose Entrepreneurial Spirit People Skills Commitment to Quality

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Success is where Opportunity meets Preparedness ~ Seneca To Succeed you need Vision Strategy Risk taking Willingness to learn Humility Ambivalence Passion


Differentiate Create brand ‘You’ because: Brand differentiates you Brand inspires loyalty Brand is your legacy Key to branding: QUALITY 23 Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten ~ Gucci

Personal SWOT Analysis:

Personal SWOT Analysis 24

Career Tracker:

Career Tracker Your Development Tracking Tool

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S T U D Y Courses - Technical & Management?   Languages? Reading?   Seminars? Training?   Learning in progress?   W O R K     Cross cultural exposure         Global impact assignments     More strategic focus   Managing multinational teams Assess current assignment ·   Are you where you should be? ·   If not, what is the plan? ·   How is your network?   R E S U L T S   What were they? Did anyone notice?   What were they? Did anyone notice? What were they? Did anyone notice? What are the metrics for your current assignment?   Do you need any help to meet them? 26 Current State Analysis Year -3 Year - 2 Year - 1 Current

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  GOALS   Did you set ' smart ' goals for yourself ? Specific ? Measurable ? Achievable/actionable ? Result focused ? Time bound ?   ACHIEVED High visibility assignments   What was it ? Where was it ? What was the result ?   Building a network What can you bring to the table ? Are you still in touch? Did you thank?   CHANGES  To enable yourself to adapt :   What new skill will you learn? What will you do more of ? What will you do less of or stop? What difference are you planning to make & how will you do this?   To personal relationships ? To the organization ? To the society you live in ? 27 Year 1-3 Year 4-6 Planning Your Career Development FUTURE

The Essential Reality:

The Essential Reality New brain-based economy is like the old We still live by our wits. We improvise, innovate, anticipate. We need to think like entrepreneurs – Self-reliant, own skill dependent, constantly upgrading them 28 Only your own track record, will ‘speak’ for you

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