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Education In the 21st century:

Education In the 21 st century What it should be

Islamic Education:

Islamic Education Forming humans

Animals are born Humans are made :

Animals are born Humans are made

Our society:

Characterized by anxiety, fear, distrust, insecurity in the midst of wealth Our virtues: Dog eat dog mentality, aggressive stances, hypocrisy Our blind spots: Mutual responsibility, compassion, accountability Our society We are very sick

Snapshot today:

Surfeit of information Paucity of knowledge Surfeit of tools Paucity of criteria Surfeit of wealth Paucity of awareness Snapshot today Wealth only benefits the wise

Future generations:

Will wonder how people who knew so much and had so much not only couldn’t prevent their own destruction but actually accelerated it. We don’t have the excuse of ignorance or poverty Future generations But we can say that we were stupid


Who do we pay more? Teachers or entertainers? How do we define success? Moral or material? What do we focus more on? Knowing or doing? Who do we spend more on? Self or others? Short term or long term? Consider You get what you pay for

Ask why?:

We spend more on arms than medical research We know porn corrupts but don’t stop it We know cigarettes kill but don’t ban them We know alcohol is a drug but promote it We are surprised at the society we made Ask why? Our principal aspiration: Making money

Ask how?:

Can we get contentment when our progress is based on discontent? Can we get peace when our progress is based on greed? Can we get contribution when our progress is based on consumption? Ask how? When d issatisfaction is the motivator, depression is the result

The secret of leverage is to know where to place the fulcrum:

The secret of leverage is to know where to place the fulcrum


Must transform an animal into a human being To civilize is to enable you to do that which doesn’t come naturally To do what comes naturally is often to revert to our original animal state Education Education differentiates

Why differentiate?:

Secret of success is branding Differentiation creates brand Brand inspires loyalty Without brand, you are a grain of rice in a sack Why differentiate? So what’s your brand?

So what to do?:

So what to do? 3 – priorities

Teach – 3 :

Who are you? Identity based on an honorable legacy Why do you exist? What is your responsibility? Accountability What are you answerable for? Teach – 3 What would be lost if you didn’t exist?

Show – 3 :

Self Understanding yourself & your feelings Relationships How to deal with people? Nature How to deal with Natural laws Show – 3 Show – not tell

Give – 3 :

Allah  How to take from His treasures Criteria to decide Ethics & Morals Tools Literacy, Math, Money, Art Give – 3 We came to give, not to take

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