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The Leadership Crisis in the Muslim Community:

The Leadership Crisis in the Muslim Community To lead successfully, one must have a goal

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is our goal? Who does it inspire?

What is leadership?:

What is leadership? To understand the crisis we need to understand the nature of leadership 3

Changing times – Others & We:

Changing times – Others & We 4 Do we have a modern definition of leadership?

‘Khilafat’ without knowledge:

‘Khilafat’ without knowledge The Khulafa-e- Raashida were also Ulama When Khilafat changed to monarchy compliant ‘Ulama’ were encouraged and ‘Ulama- ul-Haq ’ were tortured and killed When preservation of family and wealth became the priority, Islam and its needs were discarded 5 Abul Fazal was one of the biggest ‘Ulama’ of his time He helped Akbar to create Deen-e- Ilaahi

Values of leadership changed:

Values of leadership changed When our leadership changed its nature, its values changed as well Our leaders ‘enslaved’ the people instead of being their ‘servants’ This eroded their stature and moral authority and encouraged people to rebel against a leader who was no different from themselves Respect is a state of the heart and must be earned. Respect is not a function of authority or power.

Leaders feared followers:

Leaders feared followers It was only Sayyidina Omar ibn al Khattab (R) who could sleep under a tree Al Walid (715) recalled Musa Bin Nusair & Tariq bin Ziyad at the height of the Spanish campaign and his successor Sulaiman stripped them of all rank and they died in obscurity in Damascus Mohammad bin Qasim was recalled from India and was executed 7 Ask: What happens to young leaders in our organizations today?

Elsewhere in the Muslim world:

Elsewhere in the Muslim world The same story was repeated in other parts of the Muslim world The Moghals are a prime example Aurangzeb imprisoned his father, killed his brothers and ‘conquered’ Muslim kingdoms of Golconda and Bijapur His Commander in Chief was Maharajah Mirza Jai Singh commanding an army of Rajputs and Marathas 8 Unfortunately this story was not new and was repeated again and again

Changed priorities:

Changed priorities From creating a moral society To amassing wealth, enjoyment, display From serving people To enslaving people, forcing subordination From opening doors for Islam To conquest of land and people People were discouraged from entering Islam For fear of losing the revenue from jizya 9 The injustice of caste was actively supported

Lessons not learnt:

Lessons not learnt Unfortunately our ‘cherry picking’ way of teaching Islamic history successfully prevents us from learning its lessons Nations which don’t learn from their history are condemned to repeat it 10 Our biggest weakness is the unwillingness to look at ourselves critically

Nature of the crisis:

Nature of the crisis Our crisis today is both a lack of leadership and a lack of ‘followership’ Question: If you are asked to elect an ‘Ameer’ for all Muslims, who will you pick? Will your choice be accepted by all? 11 Today we have 1.5 Bn. Khulafa Just as we have 1.5 Bn. Muftis

Window of Opportunity:

Window of Opportunity In the life of every man and woman comes a time when they have a unique opportunity to make an impact and influence others. Those who succeed, are the ones who anticipate and prepare for it and recognize it and act when it opens. The choice is ours. So is the benefit.

6, Steps for a Solution:

6, Steps for a Solution What we created, we can change

Re-create the Ummah:

Re-create the Ummah Bridge the gap between Ulama & others Create a Jamiat-ul-Ummah (include others) One for all, all for one Practice this concept & react as needed Create platforms of common interests Learn to live with differences 14 Only we can prevent ‘Divide and Rule’

Change our Attitudes:

Change our Attitudes Principles must always take precedence Everything begins with moral authority Encourage critical dissent & analysis Blind obedience creates paralyzed minds Learn how to dispute effectively Disagreeing without being disagreeable Learn & teach how to think To draw lessons from history & create strategies 15 Respect must be earned, not inherited

Change our Standards:

Change our Standards Primacy of obedience to Allah Boycott the willfully disobedient Value knowledge & those who have it Knowledge is the source of all power Value and encourage social service Islam will triumph by the winning of hearts 16 Lead by personal example

Change our teaching:

Change our teaching Curricula must be reviewed With a focus on application in today’s world Teaching methods must change Use the best of modern methods and tools Become techno-savvy This must be a basic qualification 17 Teach with love

Change our focus:

Change our focus Actively seek to lead in all walks of life Develop the skills to inspire leadership Enter politics, administration, army Wealth without power is a recipe for disaster Put expiry dates on leaders: Emeritus Elders And make succession planning a part of life Focus on higher education Seek to influence by leveraging knowledge 18 Seeking excellence is the best way to inspire. Complacency is the mother of all evil.

Change our self-definition:

Change our self-definition Define us in terms of global impact For that is the definition of the Qur’an Do a ‘Contribution Audit’ in all spheres Put teeth in it: Change ineffective leaders Focus on providing solutions Because people love problem solvers 19 Intention is not the same as achievement Only achievements can be ‘encashed’

People remember us, not by what we consumed – But by what we contributed.:

People remember us, not by what we consumed – But by what we contributed.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Our Window is open now What are we ready to do ?

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