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Leading in a time of change:

Leading in a time of change Special challenges for those who shape the destiny of others

Mirza Yawar Baig Opening the world, one mind at a time©:

Mirza Yawar Baig Opening the world, one mind at a time © Work Experience: International Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach, Leadership Consultant with 16 years in Corporate General Management, 28 years in Training & Organizational Development, specializing in Family Business Consulting & Entrepreneurship Director / Professional Member: Center for Conflict Resolution & Human Security Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science Entrepreneur: 1994: Founded Education: IIM-A , P-CMM®, MBTI©, WSA©, ISABS Books: The Business of Family Business An Entrepreneur’s Diary Hiring Winners 20.10.2010-55 – Life Lessons of 55 years Leadership Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah  Understanding Islam – 52 Juma Khutbas Leadership is a Personal Choice Member Consultant Panel: USA GE Corporate University, Crotonville Oracle Corporate University, CA AMA International, New York Andersen Corporate University, MN India SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad AP Police Academy, Hyderabad SSB Academy, Gwaldam , Uttar Akhand LBS Academy of Administration, Mussoorie Clients Include: GE, Oracle, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, Digital-Compaq, National Semiconductor, Unilever, BSNL, Tata Indicom , Colgate, Asian Paints, Siemens, Wartsila , MphasiS , CavinKare, EXL Service, World Bank, ICRISAT, World Fish, Tata Corporate, J & J, Accenture, Zeneca Seeds, Shanta Biotech, Advanta , Reuters, Air India, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, Olam , Regal Beloit, Reliance World, NIS Sparta, AMKA, Emami Group, Suzlon , JP Morgan, SEW Infrastructure, LANCO, KAR Group, Expolanka, Brandix yawarbaig@gmail.com www.yawarbaig.com


Resilience The key to survival in times of disastrous, disruptive change

What happens?:

What happens? Disorientation Depression Loss of purpose Fear of annihilation 5 We seem to be living in such times today

The 3 – Step Solution:

Face the brutal facts but don’t lose hope Make sense of it – What is the message? Plan the way forward – one day at a time 6 Painting a rosy picture is the fastest way to perish The 3 – Step Solution

Face the brutal facts:

Face the brutal facts What really happened?

Face the brutal facts:

Face the brutal facts Face facts as they are without giving them a ‘rosy’ hue or indulging in hope bordering on fantasy Yet not lose hope in eventual success Don’t blame yourself or others for what happened 8 No praise, No blame Ask, ‘What, Why and How.

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But we need:

But we need Curiosity Imagination Rebelliousness Resourcefulness Creativity Passion Try building planes in a railyard

The problem with our current system of education is not that it’s failed but that it is hugely successful:

The problem with our current system of education is not that it’s failed but that it is hugely successful

The uniformly powerless, waiting for others to lead:

The uniformly powerless, waiting for others to lead

Performance is a function of design:

Performance is a function of design

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It doesn’t need change – it needs a decent burial


Focus Why do you exist? To produce what? What is your school designed to produce? What’s your differentiator?

PowerPoint Presentation:

However you answered, is that a written down statement which ALL your people know, believe in passionately and refer to in normal conversation?

Product before Process:

Product before Process The product defines the process You don’t produce a railway engine in the same factory where you build microlight aircraft Talking about books, syllabus or teaching method before defining the final outcome is to put the cart before the horse Horses can’t push

How we teach = What they learn:

How we teach = What they learn What is the purpose of history? What is the purpose of finance? What is the purpose of science? What is the purpose of an MBA? We confuse activity with purpose

What do you test for?:

What do you test for? Random recall or understanding and application?


Question After 15 years of ‘education’ what are our graduates capable of producing, earning, influencing? After 15 years of ‘education’ what can our graduates actually do? How then do you justify the time and expense ?

Make sense of it:

Make sense of it What do these facts indicate ?

PowerPoint Presentation:

How much does this apply to our system?

Make sense of it:

Make sense of it Analyze reasons for what happened See how you could have prevented it See how this fits into the larger scheme of things and happenings Look to a future beyond this which will be better 24 Create immediate goals to work towards

So what went wrong? :

So what went wrong? For 500 years while the West built universities we built palaces Oxford (1096); Cambridge (1207); Harvard (1634) While feudalism declined and democracy started in Europe, we lived under anarchic monarchies. And we still do. While the world is uniting across divisions, we are creating more divisions in the Ummah 25 Even today we haven’t learnt these lessons

Muslim Schools Snapshot:

No differentiator except cosmetics Adding on Islam – doesn’t work Focus on academics – not much else Overall aim to produce behavioral change has failed No major success stories from graduates Muslim Schools Snapshot Nice schools – but!


Parents take little or no responsibility Teachers are overworked & doing a job Only focus on academics gets support Overall development is for lip service Children are objects to be done to Overall lack of vision & will to execute Reasons No clarity of definition of the final product

Our Challenges:

Our Challenges Recognize nature & seriousness of crisis Set a clear goal & roadmap for change Prepare to collaborate with key clients Prepare to change old methods/focus Prepare to unlearn & relearn skills Prepare successors Priority: allot prime time & resources Must happen with utmost urgency

Plan the way ahead:

Plan the way ahead One day at a time

What must change?:

What must change? Everything


Focus Define the final product first

Tripartite Partnership:

Tripartite Partnership


Process What to teach and how to teach it?


Test Understanding and application – not random recall


Track Progress, effect and influence

Role Model:

Role Model Teach by example


Measure Success of teaching – by how well the students are able to apply the learning

Reward :

Reward T eachers on this basis

“Miss a beat & you lose a generation”:

“Miss a beat & you lose a generation” Headline in the ‘Children’s section’ of a newspaper

At the end of each day, ask….:

At the end of each day, ask….

PowerPoint Presentation:

What difference did I make today? In the life of which student?

Then ask that student:

Then ask that student

Take Hard Decisions:

Take Hard Decisions Those who fail to take hard decisions die by their own hand

Thought share:

Thought share www.yawarbaig.com

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