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Critical changes for those who…:

Critical changes for those who… Lead in a time of change

Mirza Yawar Baig Opening the world, one mind at a time©:

Mirza Yawar Baig Opening the world, one mind at a time © Work Experience: International Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach, Leadership Consultant with 16 years in Corporate General Management, 28 years in Training & Organizational Development, specializing in Family Business Consulting & Entrepreneurship Director / Professional Member: Center for Conflict Resolution & Human Security Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science Entrepreneur: 1994: Founded Education: IIM-A , P-CMM®, MBTI©, WSA©, ISABS Books: The Business of Family Business An Entrepreneur’s Diary Hiring Winners 20.10.2010-55 – Life Lessons of 55 years Leadership Lessons from the life of Rasoolullah  Understanding Islam – 52 Juma Khutbas Leadership is a Personal Choice Member Consultant Panel: USA GE Corporate University, Crotonville Oracle Corporate University, CA AMA International, New York Andersen Corporate University, MN India SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad AP Police Academy, Hyderabad SSB Academy, Gwaldam , Uttar Akhand LBS Academy of Administration, Mussoorie Clients Include: GE, Oracle, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, Digital-Compaq, National Semiconductor, Unilever, BSNL, Tata Indicom , Colgate, Asian Paints, Siemens, Wartsila , MphasiS , CavinKare, EXL Service, World Bank, ICRISAT, World Fish, Tata Corporate, J & J, Accenture, Zeneca Seeds, Shanta Biotech, Advanta , Reuters, Air India, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, Olam , Regal Beloit, Reliance World, NIS Sparta, AMKA, Emami Group, Suzlon , JP Morgan, SEW Infrastructure, LANCO, KAR Group, Expolanka, Brandix www.yawarbaig.com

The World Today:

The World Today Tomorrow will be more – For better or worse

The World Today:

The World Today As many mobiles as people 33% of the world is online (5 x since 2000) FB: 1 billion active users YouTube: Adds 100 hours video/minute Twitter: 175 billion messages/ day FB, YouTube, Twitter didn’t exist in 2000

McKinsey Study:

McKinsey Study UK took 100 years to double economic output during its industrial revolution US took 50 years India took 16 years and China 12 with 100 times the population base and no colonies Implications on leadership today?

PowerPoint Presentation:

The countries that the UK didn’t invade are colored white

WIDER study:

WIDER study World Institute for Development Economics Research at United Nations University reports that in Yr. 2000 – the richest 1% of adults owned 40% of global assets The richest 10% of adults accounted for 85% of the world total. The bottom half of the world adult population owned 1% of global wealth. The rich do own the world

Owners are accountable:

Owners are accountable 1 billion people go to bed hungry 2.8 billion are short of clean water 2.3 billion are without sanitation Only effective school education can change this – if you want it to

Social Responsibility?:

Social Responsibility? Is it progress when 75 % of the population is short of food and water? Why is it necessary to have legislation and incentives to do what we know we must? What more evidence do we need to see the criticality of ethical, compassionate, principled leadership? That’s where faith based schools come in

4 – Changes :

4 – Changes That we must make

4 – Critical Changes:

4 – Critical Changes Change Attitude Change Perspective Change Language Change Behavior Change Ourselves


Attitude How do I define myself?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Behavior Results Values


Perspective How do I define others?

Move from:

Move from




Because All prejudice is based on subjective perception of right & wrong All stereotyping is based on prejudice But not everything is right or wrong


Language Because it shapes attitude

Move from:

Move from Appreciation Tolerance

Because :

Because Tolerance implies dislike Appreciation comes from respectful interest Learning is the key to appreciation

PowerPoint Presentation:

Zero tolerance for ignorance

Because :

Because From tolerance to hatred is one step But appreciation is the opposite of hatred


Behavior Only behavior gives results

Move from:

Move from

Collaboration is the door:

Collaboration is the door Communication is the key


Willingness To transcend boundaries To share uniqueness No criticism No discrimination Must all be taught young

Thought share:

Thought share www.yawarbaig.com

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