The Differentiators

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The Differentiators:

The Differentiators Between Winners and Losers

11 - Rules:

11 - Rules Faith Integrity Compassion Passion Strategic Vision Rigor Toughness Learning Relationships Leverage Conflict Embrace Change That differentiate winners from losers


Faith ‘When you come to the end of the light of all that you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things will happen; there will be something firm to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.’ ~ Barbara Winters Because you will be tested


Integrity Total commitment to our principles Courage to stand up for them without compromising Support justice even if it makes us unpopular Integrity defines us


Compassion Responsibility Appreciating our position in the environment Concern for others And the willingness to work for their welfare Putting our money/effort Where our mouth is to help others Compassion makes us human

Passion :

Passion Drive Positive obsession with the goal Ask: How badly do you want to achieve it? Achievement motivation It is the challenge that motivates even more than the final result Constantly raise your own bar The dream is not what you see in your sleep The dream is what does not let you sleep

Strategic Vision:

Strategic Vision Goal ? How clear is the goal? Can you see it? Roadmap ? What are the milestones? Distance/time Measure yourself relentlessly (Metrics ?) Only what is important is measured (6 Sigma) Difficulty is a measure of worth

Rigor :

Rigor Excuses don’t change facts The surest sign of a loser is that he makes excuses Benchmark against the Best in the World If you are not trying to be No.1 then you are not trying Constantly raise the bar. Challenge yourself because the challenge motivates even more than the final result Winning is a habit. So is losing.

Toughness :

Toughness Physical A willing spirit needs an able body Shun ease and luxury: seek hardship Mental Develop resilience & patience ( Sabr ) Be pleased with the Qadr (destiny) of Allah The race does not end when you fall It ends when you refuse to rise


Learning Openness to new ideas Build on other’s ideas; not shoot them down Constantly focus on self development Have the humility to seek feedback Respect your teachers/people of knowledge Anyone you learn anything from is your teacher Learning is the only sure sign of a mind


Relationships Be thankful Thanklessness is shamelessness Be loyal Because they stood by you Build teams Because you can never win alone Value people, not things. Use things, not people

Leverage conflict:

Leverage conflict Difference of opinion is not opposition Differing ideas will open your mind Disagree without being disagreeable Because their disagreement is a sign of interest Forgive because we too need forgiveness Focus on the goal, Not simply on selling your method Believe it or not, even YOU can be wrong

Embrace change:

Embrace change Openness to new ideas & methods Build on other’s ideas; embrace technology Constantly focus on self development Have the humility to seek feedback Change by nature is painful But change is another name for growth Change is painful. But so is extinction

The difference between winning and losing :

The difference between winning and losing Is the willingness to rise after every fall

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