David's Rules

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David’s Rules:

David’s Rules For all Goliath fighters

Rule # 1 Take the first step:

Rule # 1 Take the first step Unless you take the first step forward, nothing will happen Once you take the first step, the universe conspires to make you succeed It is safer to stay in the ranks and do nothing but it is only the General who gets to call the shots The choice is yours and every choice has a price

Rule # 2 Confound Goliath:

Rule # 2 Confound Goliath Goliath did not make the rules so that you could win If you play by Goliath’s rules, Goliath will win every time Understand the rules – then break them Make your own rules & play by them

Rule # 3 Only effort produces results:

Rule # 3 Only effort produces results Talent is what you are given, are born with Effort is what you make. Effort supports talent. The best talent is nothing without effort In the end it is the effort that brings the results, not the talent if there is no effort So don’t ask, “What is my talent.” Ask, “What effort am I making? David made effort using his unique talent The rest is history

Rule # 4 Strength always overcomes weakness:

Rule # 4 Strength always overcomes weakness Play to your strength because you can do that best David was a shepherd so he used a slingshot Don’t be overawed by competition, because the winning post is only at the end of the race Because it is not the weapon but whether it scored, that counts

Rule # 5 Never compromise your legacy:

Rule # 5 Never compromise your legacy Stay focused no matter what the distractions Remember, winning is all that counts…..and how you win is a part of that Winning without honor is to lose in the worst way They won’t ask, “Who won?” They will ask, “How did he win?”

Rule # 6 Thank Others:

Rule # 6 Thank Others Be thankful to all those who helped you It is true that you owe your success to your efforts but some of them were made standing on the shoulders of others And even if you forgot that, they won’t Because every ending is a new beginning

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