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Client: Agency: Image Merchants ® By Yushau A. Shuaib ( A sample PR Pitch)Date: December 11, 2009: : 

Client: Agency: Image Merchants ® By Yushau A. Shuaib ( A sample PR Pitch)Date: December 11, 2009: Image Merchants ® 1 PR Campaign Pitch (Sample) Targeting Female Students to Volunteers for Girlguiding UK

Our Profile : 

Our Profile Established in 1999 by journalists and public communicators, Image Merchants is specialised in different areas of : Public Relations, Event Management, Crisis Management Publishing. The agency has successfully carried out general publicity and PR campaigns for various organisations in the: Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-governmental. Celebrities Image Merchants ® 2

Previous Clients : 

Previous Clients Image Merchants ® 3

Girls Guiding : 

Girls Guiding Introduction: The Girl Guides which later transformed to Girl Guiding UK will be 100 year in 2010 after its establishment in 1910 by Robert Baden-Powell, a famous army general. As its membership grows rapidly among young girls, the organisation requires the service of student volunteers to help out and could assist during the centenary celebration. Image Merchants ®

The Challenge : 

The Challenge Volunteering for Girlguiding UK Getting more students volunteers to help out for Girlguiding UK 2010 is centenary year of Girlguiding which requires more volunteers There is an increased large number of girls who want to join Girlguiding Inadequate volunteers to guide the girls is affecting the scheme Image Merchants ®

The Facts : 

The Facts Girlgirding UK 600,000 members .50,000 girls and young women in waiting-list It has only 80,000 volunteers Female students, regardless of race, faith or background are more suitable to volunteer for Girlguiding Image Merchants ®

The Target : 

The Target FEMALE STUDENTS (Between 18-24) in the UK. Race: No discrimination Sex: Female Profession: Students Age: 18-24, Location: London, United Kingdom Potentials: Female Volunteers can become Leaders in Girlguiding Image Merchants ®

The Problem : 

The Problem Perception on schedule of engagement: “I am too busy with studies to have anytime for volunteering and my weekend is to rest and relax. I don’t think I can have enough time to volunteer for anything include Girlguiding”” - Helen 20 Image Merchants ®

The Problem : 

The Problem Confusion on Membership: “Can one be a member of Girlguiding and at the same time a volunteer? I am just confused” - Tianshi “I don’t know the differences between being a member and a volunteer.” - Abike Image Merchants ®

The Problem : 

The Problem Perception on Rewards: “What is there for me as a benefit of being a volunteer. Can I know the rewards and other packages that will make the volunteering a worthwhile experience? I will be very glad to know.” - Rita 23 Image Merchants ®

Aim:To recruit more female student volunteers for Girl Guiding UK : 

Aim:To recruit more female student volunteers for Girl Guiding UK Objectives: To persuade and influence more participation of students in volunteerism To enhance the image and reputation of Girl Guide as global corporate organisation To create wider publicity on the Centenary and the spirit of volunteerism with is one of the core mandates of Girl Guides Image Merchants ® AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE CAMPAIGN

The Goal : 

The Goal Short Term: 4-6months To launch a campaign for attracting more volunteers for Girlguiding UK among female students Long Term: To ensure the campaign is durable in sustaining and increasing volunteers who can be Leaders in the scheme hierarchy and contribute to community development Short and Long Terms: Image Merchants ®

Key Message : 

Key Message “Celebrate with the Girls, Join the Girlguiding Volunteers” Image Merchants ®

Campaign Themes : 

Campaign Themes Volunteer for Girlguiding’s activities Guiding changes girls' and young women's lives for the best Guiding is a game with a purpose. It provides opportunities for girls and young women to grow Gain new experiences while volunteering and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment. Undertake teamwork and acquire leadership skills. Image Merchants ®

Message Content : 

Message Content Slogan: “Celebrate with the girls, join the Girlguiding Volunteers” Focus: Requirement for prospective volunteers. E.g. age bracket, criteria/experience, job descriptions, referees, Reward: Certificates of Participation as volunteers. Image Merchants ®

Strategy : 

Strategy 1- Press Conference Location: The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London (centrally located)   Speakers: Girlguiding UK Chief Guide, Liz Burnly to be supported by Top Officers   Theme: Girlguiding in Centenary and Roles of Female Student Volunteers   Focus: To appeal for female students volunteers   Target: Media representatives without exception from print and broadcast   Items: Press Kits including press release and features   Opportunity: Session for Question and Answer Session Image Merchants ®

Strategy : 

Strategy 2- Interview and Talkshow Appearance on Interviews/Talkshow: To Discuss volunteerism and appeal for female student volunteers Guests Selected Personalities that went through Girlguiding Target Electronic Media including BBC, ITV, Sky TV, Channel Theme To focus on the need for female students to participate in volunteerism for its fun and rewarding experience Opportunity Video Clips on girls being guided by volunteers Image Merchants ®

Strategy : 

Strategy Campaign Website: The following sections to be integrated on the site: Brief History of Girlguiding How to be a volunteer including qualifications and experiences FAQ (Questions and Answers) on volunteerism Experience of past and current volunteers Online Application Form Feedback and full contact addresses and Phones Photo Gallery on Volunteers in action with members of girls guiding 3- Online Media Image Merchants ®

Strategy : 

Strategy 4- Social Media Promoting contents of the website through blogging on Social Media To target Social Network sites: Facebook, Myspace and Twitter Image Merchants ®

Strategy : 

Strategy 5- Press Release and Features Target Traditional and Online Media - Creative writing of informative news and features to sustain the campaign in the press Image Merchants ®

Summary : 

Summary The key facts on one slide… The problem: Inadequate volunteers for Girlguiding UK  lack of awareness on volunteerism The target group: Female Students between 18 – 24 years  They are relevant to the scheme based onage and sex The key message: Celebrate with the girls, join the Girlguiding Volunteers Volunteer to guide the girls The strategy: A Press Conference to herald the campaign to be followed by press release/features and new media, To attract media, create public awareness and sustain advocacy Image Merchants ®

Budget : 

Budget Activities Expenses % Event Management: Press Conference Venue, Visitations for Interviews/Talkshow =£12,000 30% Publicity: Website maintenance and blogging =£4,000 10% Production of Press Kits/press Release and Features =£4,000 10% Media Monitoring: Video and Photo Coverage, Press Clipping, recording on CDs =£4,000 10% Overhead: Staff, Outsourcing, mobility, Stationeries and printing =£8,000 20% Agency Fee: Including Miscellaneous and Incidentals = £8,000 20% Grand Total =£40,000 100% Image Merchants ®

Evaluation Techniques : 

Evaluation Techniques To Monitor number of Hits on the Website, the content and frequency (Alexa system) To Review Media Mentions in the print and electronic (Newspapers/TV, Radio etc) To determine the increase in the number of volunteers (Filled and Returned Forms) To evaluate the feedbacks (Through Hotlines, enquiries, emails etc) Image Merchants ® Techniques for Evaluation:

Our Contact : 

Our Contact Yushau A. Shuaib President Melbury Road, Central London United Kingdom Tel: 447918148445 Email: Web: Image Merchants ®

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