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Index What is a computer virus? What does computer virus do? How does a virus spread? Types of computer viruses? How to prevent computer viruses? What are antivirus software's? Types of anti viruses?

What is an computer virus? : 

What is an computer virus? A computer virus is a software program having the ability to make copies of itself, which attach themselves to other application or files………….

What does it do? : 

What does it do? A virus tries to take control of the computer system it has infected at the first opportunity available. It makes copies of itself and also tries to do harmful tasks written in it’s program by it’s developer.

How does a computer viruses spread? : 

How does a computer viruses spread? Computer viruses spread from one computer to another by the transfer of infected data through email,flopy disks, or other media’s. Some computer viruses stay active until computer is shut down. Others stay active only as long as the infected app is running.

Types of computer viruses? : 

Types of computer viruses? Program Virus: These virus infect program files, which have extension such as .COM, .EXE, .SYS, .OLV etc.Program files are attractive targets for viruses because they are widely used. Examples of such viruses are Acid Rain Trojan, Alien.298, Amoeba. A, Crazy. A etc. Boot Viruses: These viruses infect the boot record records of hard disk. Generally, these are consider more dangerous than program viruses. Examples of such viruses are Danish Boot, Devil.941, Eek(b), and Disk Killer. Macro Viruses: These virus infect data files. For example, Microsoft Word.E.G. of these viruses are XM.Yohimbe. A, These are my kids !!!!!!

How to prevent computer viruses? : 

How to prevent computer viruses? You can prevent virus infection by taking some precautions as written below- Restrict access to your system, both online and offline. Only allow trustworthy to use your PC. Never load unknown disk in your computer until u are sure its virus free. Keep programs and data on separate disks,if possible. Scan all floppy disks with anti virus program before using them.

What is antiviruse software? : 

What is antiviruse software? Antivirus software refer to a app designed to detect and removes viruses from computer system. Some popular antivirus programs are MacAfee VirusScan Norton AntiVirus Kaspersky Anti-Virus

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