Types of Ecosystem

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Types of Ecosystem:

Types of Ecosystem A.L.A. Subject – Environmental Studies C. K. Pithawala College of Engineering & Technology


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Contents Ecosystem Grassland Ecosystem Forest Ecosystem Desert Ecosystem


Ecosystem An  Ecosystem  is a biological environment consisting of all the living organisms or  Biotic component in a particular area and the non-living or  Abiotic component such as air, soil, water and sunlight with which the organisms interact.

Components of…….:

Components of……. Abotic Ecosystem Sunlight Temperature Precipitation Water or Moisture Soil or Chemical content Biotic Ecosystem Primary producer Herbivores Carnivorous Omnivores Detritivores

Grassland Ecosystem:

Grassland Ecosystem Marginal rainfall Vegetation is dominated by grasses Unimproved wild-plant communities Densely populated

Types of Grassland Ecosystem:

Types of Grassland Ecosystem Tropical grassland Temperate grassland Others

Features of Grassland Ecosystem:

Features of Grassland Ecosystem Temperature Precipitation Humidity Topography Adaptive plants and animals

Function of Grassland Ecosystem:

Function of Grassland Ecosystem Grassland provide food Grasslands are breeding areas Human habitat

Forest Ecosystem:

Forest Ecosystem High rainfall Large number of organism Flora & Fauna Highly diverse population Stability of ecosystem is very sensitive

Types of Forests:

Types of Forests Tropical evergreen forest Tropical deciduous forest Temperate evergreen forest Temperate deciduous forest

Features of Forest Ecosystem:

Features of Forest Ecosystem Forest canopy  Soil Micro-Climate Vegetation Structure Energy and Biomass Nutrient Cycling Forest Floor Other Functions.

Function of Forest Ecosystem:

Function of Forest Ecosystem Watershed Protection Atmospheric Regulation Soil Erosion Control Wind Erosion Control

Desert Ecosystem:

Desert Ecosystem High temperature, intense sunlight and low water Flora and fauna are very poorly developed and scarce Organisms are xeric adaptive Scarcely populated

Types of desert:

Types of desert Sand desert Stony desert Rock desert Plateau desert Mountain desert Cold desert

Sand desert:

Sand desert

Rock desert:

Rock desert

Stony desert:

Stony desert

Plateau desert:

Plateau desert

Mountain desert:

Mountain desert

Cold desert:

Cold desert

Features of Desert Ecosystem:

Features of Desert Ecosystem Rainfall Temperature Soil Light Plants  and animals have adapted to live in extremities

Function of Desert Ecosystem:

Function of Desert Ecosystem Solar energy resource Mineral resource


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